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NFL Week 11 game picks: Vikings nip Rams; Eagles > Cowboys

Two forces scream toward one another from opposite sections of the States -- disparate portions of the world, really.

The game of which I speak is the league's version of Kennedy-Nixon, at least for this week. It's like INXS trying to upend U2 as the hottest foreign band in the summer of '87. It's a matchup with the familiarity of the "Jordan Rules" Pistons playing postseason games in Chicago, over and over again.


Rams at Vikings is the game of the week -- if not the flavor of the next month, with the two teams having played much of the best football we've seen over the last month.

The fair-weathered fans in Los Angeles will watch as the overly-weathered fans in Minnesota take in Week 11's top offering. One team has ridden the coattails of nonstop offense, while the other cloaks itself in championship defense. It's a matchup of two franchises that couldn't get enough of each other in the big games within the wondrous decade of the '70s. Now comes a heavyweight bout on the back leg of '17.

On to everyone else. Literally.

I really haven't been on the 280-character train ... but this one's A-okay! And upon further review, notice the teams living right next to each another in the above quality check who play this week: Bills at Chargers ... Ravens at Packers ... Even the Monday night matchup between the Falcons and Seahawks is close to side-by-side.

As for the other bouts on the card, there are a few doozies. Yes, Philadelphia at Dallas counts. If only the Cowboys were at full strength, then Carson Wentz vs. Dak Prescott would really carry some weight. Your take always carries weight: @HarrisonNFL is the place.

Now, let's get to it!

Elliot Harrison went 9-5 on his predictions for Week 10, giving him a record of 88-58 thus far this season. How will he fare in Week 11? His picks are below:


With the Titans coming into Pittsburgh as a playoff contender, we'll see top-end speed from the Steelers. If Tennessee were, say, 3-6? Pittsburgh would probably turn the football over five times and go to OT. Tell me I am wrong, Steelers faithful. This matchup always reminds me of that sick interception Troy Polamalu made with one hand against Kerry Collins during the 2009 NFL Kickoff Game. Remember that? One key matchup to watch: Tennessee's run game (which sprung to life last week) vs. Pittsburgh's so-so run defense. Opponents are averaging a solid 4.2 yards per carry on Keith Butler's defense. Offensively, Pittsburgh boasts the NFL's rushing and receiving yards leaders ( Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown). Two teams have finished the season with both: the 1991 Cowboys and 1999 Colts. Both lost in the Divisional Round.

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