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NFL TV guide to Week 4 of season

Which NFL games this week are must-watch television? EmmaVP from the Dave Dameshek Football Program breaks down the top made-for-TV matchups in her NFL TV guide for Week 4.


Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings

"Skol'ding Hot" -- 1 p.m. ET on FOX

After the Lions' devastating Week 3 loss, Golden Tate goes out of his way to cheer up Matthew Stafford with the gift of six points and a divisional victory. A heated exchange between Darius Slay and Stefon Diggs goes way out of bounds when Darius asks Stefon if he wants to take this outside; Dalvin Cook takes hundreds of steps in the right direction.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens

"The Buck Stops Here" -- 1 p.m. ET on CBS

Via shifty measures, Buck Allen attempts to expose the enemy defense but is discovered by Ryan Shazier, who forces him to retreat to his own 10-yard line. Antonio Brown captures Baltimore's end zone and alerts the masses by performing an unorthodox pelvic dance of sorts. Terrell Suggs enrolls in yoga and breathing exercises, as he prepares to test Le'Veon Bell's patience.

Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos

"Charles in Charge" -- 4:25 p.m. ET on CBS

After receiving poor numbers last week, Derek Carr and his offense huddle together for a serious business meeting, as Amari Cooper highlights the benefits of home crowdsourcing and Marshawn Lynch gives a presentation on originality in the digital age. Chris Harris corners the Bay-area market on tipped passes. Jamaal Charles makes some serious ground on Khalil Mack and the Raiders' D.

Indianapolis Colts at Seattle Seahawks

"Sleepy in Seattle" -- 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC

Hardly able to recognize their own 1-2 selves in the mirror, the "Legion of Boom" decides to band together for one last hurrah of a season, as they begin to accept that time might indeed be running out. Jacoby Brissett and T.Y. Hilton bond over their shared interest in positive yardage; Thomas Rawls reemerges from his lengthy hiatus when he realizes he's being replaced by a younger man.


Washington Redskins at Kansas City Chiefs

"Mr. Smith plays Washington" -- 8:30 p.m. ET on ESPN

Tyreek Hill catches his QB1 in the act, as Alex Smith goes through his progressions with other receivers in their own home. Kirk Cousins must make a run for it when he senses the imminent danger of a Justin Houston on the loose. All alone, under the cloak of Monday Night Football, Kareem Hunt dares Travis Kelce to tip-toe into the end zone where a fiery Josh Norman looms.

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