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NFL TV guide to Week 14 of 2017 season

Which NFL games this week are must-watch television? EmmaVP from the Dave Dameshek Football Program breaks down the top made-for-TV matchups in her NFL TV guide for Week 14 of the 2017 season.


"Gano Country for Old Men" -- 1 p.m. ET on CBS

In a classic tale of good vs. also good, an unlikely nomad called Keenum journeys south to conquer his next settlement, though he must first survive an ambush by modern linebacking pioneer Luke Kuechly & the Carolina Seven. With all the townsfolk and beyond watching his every move, lone wolf Graham Gano saddles up for a shot at saving the Panthers' wild, wild-card destiny.

"Once Upon a Time in the Westbrook" -- 4:25 p.m. ET on FOX

When Marrone catches wind of notoriously shifty character Russell Wilson's escape, the head honcho commissions the Sacksonville gang to shut it down before the QB can smuggle the leathery loot across the plane. Afraid that his unlikely yet oddly plausible dream of riding off into the Minneapolis sunset will go off-the-rails, not-so Big Bad Blake Bortles uses Westbrook and Lee as decoys to distract The Legion of Boom, giving him open range to make a run for it.

"The Woods, the Bad and the Ugly" -- 4:25 p.m. ET on FOX

Two former allies, the young gunslinger Carson, and Jared, the Comeback Kid, wrangle their men for a good old-fashioned NFC showdown to determine who really is the new sheriff in town: Goff or Wentz? Wanted Pennsylvania city slicker Malcolm Jenkins makes a name for himself on the western frontier, swiping Robert Woods' dang near priceless six-point possession, an all-out robbery in broad daylight.

"Bell or High Water" -- 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC

Top guns of the North, Big Ben and his Steelers, are challenged to a duel at the meeting of the three rivers by Flacco and his brawlin' Baltimore boys, as everybody and their momma knows this division ain't big enough for the two of them. With partners in crime Antonio and Martavis getting tied up with some DBs in distress, a hotly pursued Bell is able to play the hero, galloping across the landscape towards black and gold victory, while leaving Ol' Mr. Suggs in the dust.

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