NFL Total Access: The Locker Room Podcast: A Rex Ryan Reunion for Coach Billick

Michael Robinson and Brian Billick welcome former NFL head coach Rex Ryan to the podcast. Coach Billick and Rex go way back and the former Ravens defensive coordinator starts off by telling how much of an influence Billick had on his career (2:06). How much did Rex steal from Brian? Everything. Rex pulls out a locker room story from the Chicago Bears (3:12), and you'll find out why "Sweetness" was the perfect nickname for Walter Payton even when he wasn't being so sweet. Next, Billick asks Rex if he remembers the first time they met (5:12), and tells us what impressed him most about his future assistant coach. MRob expresses his love for Rex's larger-than-life personality, but asks if he'd change his ways in the current NFL environment (10:04).

Coach Billick asks Rex the burning question, "Who's more arrogant: you or me?" (12:00), and Rex let's us know just how good Rex thought he was. After Rex praises Brian for his ability to adapt the offense to his players' strengths (12:42), he goes on to tell us about the first time he cried on a football field ... after Peyton Manning sent the Ravens home in the 2006 playoffs (14:23). Speaking of the Mannings, Brian tells us about when he kindly asked Rex to not kill Eli Manning (15:57).

MRob can see Rex still has the passion and asks why he's not coaching (18:04), and while Rex sounds open to it, he's getting his football fix in other ways. Billick asks Rex about the younger head coaches coming into the league (20:43), and Rex has thoughts. Being a head coach is tough, but coaching in New York City is tougher … Billick asks about the unique pressure of coaching the Jets (23:02). Rex thrived in NYC with his no BS style; any tips for Robert Saleh as he starts his head coaching career with the J-E-T-S? (25:01), "Embrace the situation you have." Billick brings up the GM/Head Coach relationship and Rex tells us how to do it right (26:44).

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