'NFL Total Access' recap: Where will Tim Tebow land next?

Did you miss Monday's edition of "NFL Total Access" on NFL Network? Catch up with this recap:

McNabb on the best fit for Tebow

Donovan McNabb believes Tim Tebow would be a good fit with the New England Patriots because Bill Belichick could use him in Wildcat packages. McNabb added that Belichick wanted to draft Tebow out of Florida. Also, McNabb thinks the Houston Texans could be another good fit. The move would give the Texans added dimensions to their rushing attack.

Kluwe on Collins coming out

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe checked in via phone and said he thinks the NFL would be very accepting of gay athletes because the locker room is such a "tight-knit community." Kluwe's comments come in light of NBA center Jason Collins revealing Monday in a Sports Illustrated article that he is gay. Kluwe added that he doesn't think it matters what a player's sexual orientation is, as long as they're good enough to play in the NFL.

Mathieu's contract situation

McNabb doesn't think it would be fair for Tyrann Mathieu to get a contract from the Arizona Cardinals with no guaranteed money. McNabb thinks Mathieu is a great addition who will contribute at a high level for the Cardinals.

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McNabb thinks Mathieu most likely will play in the nickel sub-package and return punts.

Shaun O'Hara believes Mathieu needs to abide by the NFL's personal conduct policy, and added that Mathieu needs to have some form of guaranteed money if he's going to play for the Cardinals.

A rookie impact

McNabb believes Geno Smith will be the first quarterback in this draft class to start an NFL game because he thinks the New York Jets will want to make the switch from Mark Sanchez.

O'Hara believes it will be EJ Manuel because he has the "path of least resistance." O'Hara added that the Buffalo Bills' new coaching staff will most likely want to build around Manuel.

Freeman on the hot seat?

O'Hara believes that Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman has had a relatively successful career thus far and will continue to be the team's starter. He added that Mike Glennon is more of a project than an immediate starter. Therefore, Freeman should not feel threatened by the addition of Glennon. McNabb echoed O'Hara's arguments.

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