'NFL Total Access' recap: Rookie advice from Sapp, McGinest

Did you miss Tuesday's edition of "NFL Total Access" on NFL Network? Catch up with this recap:

Rookie advice

Warren Sapp and Willie McGinest offered advice to the rookies as if they were in attendance at the symposium. McGinest says that players need to understand that it's an honor and privilege to be in the NFL and that having a private life is over. Sapp was lucky in that he played with coach Tony Dungy early in his career, who keyed in on the five things that'll get you mentioned in USA Today: Out later than 1 a.m., alcohol/drugs, guns, girls you know too well/not well enough and speeding.

Best pass rusher

We discussed whether Von Miller, Aldon Smith or J.J. Watt should be ranked highest in NFL Network's "Top 100 Players of 2013." Sapp and McGinest both agree that Texans defensive end Watt is the best. McGinest believes Denver Broncos linebacker Miller is the second best, but Sapp goes with Smith. Sapp spent time with San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith before the draft and believes Smith is a young DeMarcus Ware, except Smith's sacks will impact the game.

Adam Jones' cautionary tale

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones sat down with Andrew Siciliano at the symposium. Jones said his number one message for the rookies is to respect their craft and respect the game because it can be taken away from them at any time. As for whether or not it'll be taken from him again, Jones says he hasn't heard one way or another.

Ravens' defense

Sapp and McGinest discussed the Ravens' defense and how far they'll decline because of losses incurred this offseason. Sapp says that by losing Ray Lewis, they have a huge hole in the middle. He's also not a big fan of Michael Huff, whom he played with in Oakland and never saw touch a ball in practice. Sapp and McGinest both agree that there are major pieces gone that are tough to replace.

Rams "32 in 32"

Today's "32 in 32" was the St. Louis Rams. With the Seattle Seahawks and 49ers ranking atop Elliot Harrison's Power Rankings, does Sam Bradford have enough to compete? Both Sapp and McGinest say no. Losing Steven Jackson, who's had eight consecutive 1,000-yard seasons, will be a huge blow. McGinest says that the team is too young around Bradford and that the QB lacks a big-play threat. Sapp points out that their defensive line has three first-round draft picks, but that it's time the defense performs to its potential. However, Tim Walton is the new defensive coordinator and Sapp says that it's crucial the defense gives the offense some short fields to work with.

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