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'NFL Total Access' recap: Eric Decker on the Denver Broncos

Did you miss Wednesday's edition of "NFL Total Access" on NFL Network? Catch up with this recap:

Decker on the Broncos

Wide receiver Eric Decker joined the show from the Denver Broncos' cam and spoke with host Andrew Siciliano. The Broncos now have three receivers on their roster coming off 1,000-yard seasons, something that has not happened since the Arizona Cardinals accomplished the feat in 2008. Decker talked about the Broncos' focus to increase the tempo on offense and be more detail-oriented. Decker also said the offense is getting more comfortable working with quarterback Peyton Manning, who Decker noticed had more zip on his passes. Decker also hinted that he has payback in the works to get Manning back for the prank Manning pulled on him at Duke University. The jokes continued when Decker said he bought slot receiver Wes Welker a Groupon for a spray tan after Welker opted to go shirtless during a workout last week.

Homecoming distraction?

Darren Sharper and Shaun O'Hara brushed on Peyton Manning's return to Indianapolis this season and went through some of the potential pitfalls of returning to your previous team. Sharper knows the feeling after he returned to Lambeu Field as a member of the Minnesota Vikings. He said it's a distraction because of all the friends you made there want to re-connect during game preparation at the stadium. O'Hara also shared a similar experience when he returned to visit the Cleveland Browns as a member of the New York Giants. O'Hara said off the air that his return wasn't much of a distraction since nobody really ever gets excited about an offensive lineman returning.

Who wins the NFC

Andrew Siciliano posed a simple question that will be debated for months: Who will win the NFC West? Darren Sharper said he likes the Seattle Seahawks, not just to win the NFC West but possibly the entire NFC. Sharper really likes the addition of Percy Harvin who immediately revamps the Seahawks' return game while giving Russell Wilson a formidable weapon. Sharper noted that last year's Seahawks-San Francisco 49ers matchups were close games, but the addition of Harvin might change that this year.

Matthews on record NFL contract

Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers got quite a bit of a raise. Host Lindsay Rhodes spoke with the former NFL Network intern about signing a contract extension that makes him the highest-paid linebacker. Matthews also said that he trusts that the front office knows what they're doing and they'll still be able to sign quarterback Aaron Rodgers to a long-term contract.

Hayden's inspiring story

Andrea Kremer's uplifting feature on Houston cornerback D.J. Hayden aired on the show. Hayden suffered an injury in November that left him with a 5 percent chance of survival. He collided with a teammate at practice and afterward was left without sight. When Hayden arrived at the hospital, doctors discovered internal bleeding -- coming from his heart. Typically the injury requires a six-week hospital stay. Hayden, however, spent only six days. Hayden's gotten stronger since then, and Mike Mayock currently ranks Hayden as the third-best cornerback heading into next week's 2013 NFL Draft.

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