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'NFL Total Access' recap: Can Philip Rivers revive his career?

Did you miss Monday's edition of "NFL Total Access" on NFL Network? Catch up with this recap:

Will Philip Rivers revive his career under Mike McCoy?

Heath Evans believes that San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers definitely has a chance to revive his career under Chargers new head coach Mike McCoy. If McCoy implements an offense that involves shorter passes and a better run game, Evans thinks Rivers can re-establish himself as a top quarterback in the league. McCoy is going to help create mismatches with pre-snap alignment and motions, which should help Rivers have more defined reads, Evans stated.

Who has the best wide receiver corps in the NFL?

Darren Sharper believes that the Green Bay Packers have the best wide receivers in the NFL. Compared to the Denver Broncos, Sharper thinks that the Packers have younger and more talented receivers. Evans still thinks the Broncos will have the best receiving corps because their three starters all had more than 1,000 yards last season. He thinks the addition of Wes Welker will make Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas even better in 2013. Evans added that Denver's strong run game makes their pass attack even more deadly.

Will Manti Te'o be a three-down linebacker as a rookie?

Sharper stated that Chargers linebacker Manti Te'o has the potential to have success as a three-down linebacker this season. Sharper continued that if Te'o is asked to play simple zones in passing situations, then he might not get exposed in one-on-one matchups. Still, Sharper is skeptical of Te'o's ability to cover a running back or tight end in space. Brian Billick agreed that Te'o can play in a zone scheme, but thinks he will struggle in man-coverage schemes.

Mike Pouncey on Miami Dolphins team cam

Dolphins center Mike Pouncey said it's going to take a lot of dedication and hard work to become a playoff team, but he is confident in his team with all of the new additions. Pouncey is hopeful that they can beat the New England Patriots and win the division. Pouncey is confident that Jonathan Martin is going to do a great job at left tackle because Martin played on the left side in college. Pouncey did say though he will miss Jake Long, as he was a great leader and teammate. As for his quarterback, Pouncey thinks Ryan Tannehill is ready to "take the next step" and play much better in 2013.

Jake Locker on Tennessee Titans team cam

Titans quarterback Jake Locker says that his left shoulder is feeling great and he's going to be ready to play. When asked about last season, Locker mentioned that they struggled on third down and sometimes he looked to make too many big plays. As for his former teammate Matt Hasselbeck, Locker stated that Hasselbeck was a great mentor and taught him a lot of the little things in the game, like snap count and tempo. Looking ahead to next season, Locker thinks they will try and establish the run and be a run-first offense with a play-action passing game working off of that.

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