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'NFL Total Access' recap: Are the Baltimore Ravens better?

Did you miss Thursday's edition of "NFL Total Access" on NFL Network? Catch up with this recap:

Are the Baltimore Ravens better now?

2013 NFL Draft: Team needs


Our analysts examine each team's game plan entering the NFL draft, identifying biggest needs, potential fits and more. **More ...**

Brian Billick and Charley Casserly discussed the Ravens' offseason moves heading into the 2013 season. As a Super Bowl-winning head coach, Billick said, "you come under attack." From the moment you are crowned champ, not only is everyone circling you on the schedule, but they are trying to take the pieces that made you good -- players, coaches, game plans, etc.

Casserly highlighted the Ravens' notable losses and who would replace those pieces this season. He said they get better at cornerback, better at rushing the passer, but they've lost talent at linebacker. Billick said the Ravens' front office planned for this, alluding to their draft choices and free-agent signings.

NFC East mock draft

The "NFL Total Access" crew's takeaway: The key is to pick well when you can. The New York Giants have done well picking toward the end. They need some secondary help, but they have been hitting singles and doubles the last few years, and that has helped them fill needs without having to open the pocketbook in free agency. Occasionally, they grab someone like Jason Pierre-Paul, who was not as highly thought of coming out of college but turned into a home run.

One-on-one with Pierre Garcon

The Washington Redskins wide receiver said he's 100 percent sure he'll be ready to play in Week 1. Garcon also believes Robert Griffin III will be ready to go despite his season-ending knee injury. Asked if he has anything to improve on, Garcon said RG3 already is a leader and can one day be as good as Peyton Manning.

Miller's take on Dumervil, Elway

The loss of Elvis Dumervil hit home for Von Miller, who learned a lot from his former Denver Broncos teammate and called him a "technician." Miller said Peyton Manning treats every practice like a mini-game, and the Broncos' defense is better after practicing against him. Both sides of the ball try everything they can to confuse each other, which helps both sides learn how to adapt in game situations. Miller called John Elway "Mr. Elway" and said the Broncos' executive vice president of football operations commands respect, not because he's a Hall of Famer, but because of continued efforts to upgrade the Broncos.

Watt, Peterson earn high praise

A consensus was reached as Pierre Garcon, Von Miller, Willie McGinest and Darren Sharper all said J.J. Watt should be the highest-ranked defensive player on "The Top 100." Sharper pointed out Watt's tipped passes, and McGinest pointed to the Houston Texans star's number of sacks. Miller and Garcon both pointed out that those stats don't tell the whole story of how Watt disrupts the game, from having to plan for him and play selection to helping his teammates.

Another consensus was reached at running back: Adrian Peterson. It's rare a running back can impact a league like Peterson did this season. Sharper said part of Peterson's individual success was from going after the NFL's single-season rushing record. McGinest pointed out Peterson did so much without much help after Percy Harvin went down with an injury. Miller and Garcon discussed what Peterson will be like this season now that he's not coming off an injury.

Miller eyeing game vs. Romo

Miller and Garcon will play each other this season, and while Miller looks forward to facing RG3, he also has his sights set on another quarterback: Tony Romo. Miller grew up in Dallas and thought he was going to be a Cowboy. Miller's first game there certainly will be special.

McGinest asked Garcon which defense he's looking forward to facing between the Broncos, Atlanta Falcons and San Francisco 49ers. Garcon said he'll play well against them all, but added he always gets up for the Cowboys.

Jones-Drew schools us on Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew discussed his time back at UCLA, where he lived in a freshman dorm and got around campus in a scooter. As a history major, Jones-Drew did well, but he got a C-plus on one paper, which he said was unacceptable.

Jones-Drew also discussed the Jaguars' outlook, underscoring that Blaine Gabbert is their quarterback and needs a little more latitude after going through two owners, two general managers and three head coaches. Despite all this, Jones-Drew said Gabbert has had some success and continues to improve. Jones-Drew said no disrespect to West Virginia QB Geno Smith, but he doesn't want him because Gabbert is the guy for the Jaguars. Jones-Drew also shared his thoughts on the new crown-of-the-helmet rule.

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