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NFL to review concussion protocol on Matt Moore hit

Miami Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore missed just one play after getting obliterated by a hit by Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree in the first half of Sunday's lopsided 30-12 loss.

The NFL has initiated a review of the concussion protocol after the hit, the league announced Monday. Under the procedure approved by the collective bargaining agreement, the NFL, in consultation with the NFLPA, will review the video, relevant documents and interview the involved parties to determine whether the protocol was properly followed.

Dupree was flagged for a roughing the passer penalty.

Moore downplayed the hit after the game, saying it looked worse than it was and most of the pain was in his jaw.

"Yeah, I just got popped," he said. "Needed a second there. So got checked out, felt fine, was really more my jaw than anything else. Felt good, came back in, was fine. But he got me pretty good."

The swiftness with which Moore was cleared led to some questions about the process of checking the quarterback for a potential concussion.

The 32-year-old Moore played well on balance in his first career playoff game, completing 29 of 36 passes for 289 yards and a touchdown. But he also had two costly fumbles and an interception that killed Miami's chances.

Coach Adam Gase said he didn't think the bone-crushing hit from Dupree caused any of Moore's problems.

"I didn't think so," Gase said. "The fumble he was trying to, he saw the guy, and we busted the protection. He saw him, he even came back and said 'I should have just taken the sack' and then the interception, the guy made a great play; he was in the line of scrimmage, we're running an 18-yard crossing route and the guy goes flying back and makes a pick. He made a great play. So, when they told me he was coming back in, I started talking to him, he was good. They went through the league, did their deal, then our trainers and he cleared everything."

Now the NFL will make sure that protocol was properly followed. In its announcement, the league noted that the "initiation of this process does not mean that we have drawn conclusions as to whether the protocol was followed."

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