NFL to begin research on adding cameras to stadiums

During the NFL Annual Meeting this week teams authorized the league to research the use of fixed cameras and stadium video in replay systems -- an addition Bill Belichick stomped hard for.

That study will begin posthaste.

NFL Media's Albert Breer reports that the league will start research and development on Monday into adding cameras to the goal line and other areas for replay.

Per Breer, the NFL is looking for "the right technology and then how to best integrate the cameras into the replay system that will work in all 31 stadiums."

Owners could decide to implement a new camera system in May, during the Spring League Meeting in San Francisco. 

Adding cameras specifically targeted to get more definitive views of important scoring plays seems like a no-brainer from the view of the fan, observer and player.

The diversity of stadiums might make it difficult to pull off with perfect uniformity, but it's a move that makes too much sense to ultimately fail after the proper research is conducted.

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