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NFL stars show off their basketball skills

March Madness is in the air. You can almost feel the productivity getting sucked out of every office across America.

With basketball fever in high gear, it's only natural to see some NFL stars get caught up in the madness. That's probably what led to some of the trick shots in the above video from Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love and New York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker. It's a great back and forth, but I'm calling shenanigans on some of these shots.

The fun isn't limited to just trick shots, either. Green Bay's Davante Adams and San Francisco's Colin Kaepernick got into the mix, showing off their skills, too.

But the player who still rises above the rim more than anyone else is Cody Latimer from the Denver Broncos. Check out his sick hops from 2013.

Solid game all around. This is my skill level. Clearly, it needs work.

Daniel Williams is a Digital Features Editor at and can totally dunk... on a seven-foot rim. You can follow him on Twitter _@danielwilliams_.

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