NFL spokesperson disputes Trump claim on tax breaks

On a Tuesday conference call with reporters, NFL spokesperson Joe Lockhart disputed a claim from President Trump on Twitter that the league receives "massive tax breaks".

"I know there was some suggestion this morning that the NFL is the recipient of huge tax breaks," Lockhart said. "I think as most of you now the NFL gave up its tax-exempt status in 2015, and I think we were quite open about why we were giving it up, because it was a distraction. As those of you who know our business model, even when we had the tax-exempt status, it did not result in a tax break because the money moved to the clubs and was taxed at the club level, all 32 clubs, taxed as appropriate with most federal, state and local authority as given in each of those municipalities."

Lockhart added: "But the idea that we receive some sort of tax break is not true, so there's nothing really here to give up. We do work in local communities, with strong support from governors and mayors, city councils and all levels of municipalities that participate in tax-exempt bond offerings, something that is done on many public, private projects, on infrastructure."

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