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NFL sets regular-season paid attendance record

The NFL set a regular-season attendance record for the fifth year in a row, averaging more than 67,000 fans per game for the second consecutive year, the NFL announced.

Total paid attendance for the 2007 regular season averaged 67,738 fans per game and increased to 17,341,012, topping last year's all-time mark of 17,340,879.

"Our teams and players are most appreciative of the large and fervent crowds that make NFL games so unique," said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. "We again thank the most dedicated fans in sports for their continued support."

The 17,341,012 tickets sold to the NFL's 256 regular-season games in 2007 represented paid attendance at more than 90 percent of stadium capacity.

In 2007, NFL games were the top-rated program in local NFL TV markets a record 86 percent of the time (the previous record was 80 percent in 2006). TV blackouts were lifted due to sold-out games (72 hours in advance) in 96 percent of games this season (only 10 local TV blackouts in 256 games).

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