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NFL salary cap for 2017 season set at $167 million

NFL general managers and coaches now have a little more certainty at their disposal as they prepare for free agency.

The NFL salary cap for the 2017 league year has been set at $167 million, a league official told NFL Network's Judy Battista on Wednesday.

The figure represents a more than $12 million raise over last year's cap figure on $155.27 million. Since 2012, the cap has been increased by about $47 million. It marks the fourth straight year the cap has gone up by more than $10 million over the previous year.

Most NFL teams are heading into free agency with ample cap space. With free agency set to begin March 9, there could be plenty of big deals for a free agency group that isn't as packed with as much star power as in seasons past.

Here's a look at the available salary-cap space for each NFL team, according to (as of March 1):

Browns: $102,346,421

49ers: $76,963,264

Jaguars: $70,979,709

Buccaneers: $66,136,718

Titans: $61,389,464

Patriots: $59,667,426

Colts: $53,238,812

Bears: $51,366,002

Raiders: $42,931,487

Broncos: $42,064,799

Bengals: $41,995,339

Dolphins: $41,050,292

Packers: $39,995,981

Vikings: $37,949,218

Panthers: $36,588,761

Rams: $36,394,280

Redskins: $34,477,921

Lions: $31,797,575

Saints: $27,347,284

Jets: $26,278,320

Seahawks: $25,931,999

Steelers: $23,615,733

Texans: $23,396,261

Bills: $18,185,833

Falcons: $17,870,046

Cardinals: $17,065,989

Ravens: $13,810,289

Giants: $13,282,686

Chiefs: $9,592,207

Eagles: $8,692,349

Chargers: $5,190,314

Cowboys: $3,311,937

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