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NFL's top 10 all-time best uniforms

   With four 
  Super Bowl triumphs in the decade, the 
  49ers' gold and red uniforms are as synonymous with the '80s as Pac-Man on the Atari 2600, the Rubik's Cube and Mr. T's mohawk. 
   In 1964, Tex Schramm had his 
  Cowboys wear white uniforms at home so that Dallas fans could see the variety of opponents' colors. In time, the 
  Cowboys' whites have become one of the NFL's most recognizable looks. 
   In the romping-stomping 1970s heyday of the NFL, the renegade 
  Raiders became one of the league's most fierce and powerful teams, and their menacing team colors helped accentuate that reputation. 
   There's no school like the old school, many will prefer to say. Such is the case when some NFL teams go nostalgic, featuring some fantastic retro styles that are extremely popular with fans. 
   Among the many classic uniforms from the 
  American Football League

in the 1960s are the San Diego Chargers' crowd-pleasing powder blues, which evoke memories of Chargers greats such as Lance Alworth.

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