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NFL's fantasy spin to in-stadium experience: real-time stats

Fantasy football players across the country received some great news Thursday.

Beginning with Thursday night's opener between the New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers, the NFL is having all of its teams display real-time fantasy stats from around the league at home games this season, league spokesman Brian McCarthy told USA Today.

In the past, it was up to each team's discretion whether or not it showed stats from other games on its scoreboards. The new league policy will ensure those attending games live are no less plugged in than their fantasy counterparts at home.

The initiative is a part of the NFL's effort to improve the fan's stadium experience, as people are tempted to watch multiple games in the comfort of their homes for free on high-definition TVs while monitoring all the day's events on the Internet.

"We know we have to continue to do more to keep fans coming to our games," McCarthy said. "We're looking at ways to further replicate the at-home experience in the stadium."

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