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NFL Research: Raiders-Chiefs among best TNF matchups ever

With the Raiders (10-2) and Chiefs (9-3) facing off on Thursday Night Football in Kansas City, NFL Research takes a look at some notable facts and stats surrounding the matchup.

Best TNF game of all time?

The Raiders-Chiefs matchup ranks as one of the best Thursday Night Football matchups of all time in terms of the combined winning percentage between the two teams.

Highest combined win percentage in TNF games (Week 4 or later)

-2007:Packers (10-1) at Cowboys (10-1) -- combined .909 win percentage

-2007:Patriots (15-0) at Giants (10-5) -- combined .833 win pct

-2009:Cowboys (8-5) at Saints (13-0) -- combined .808 win pct

-2011:49ers (9-1) at Ravens (7-3) -- combined .800 win pct

-2016:Raiders (10-2) at Chiefs (9-3) -- combined .792 win pct

Recap of OAK-KC season series

The Chiefs defeated the Raiders 26-10 in Week 6 in Oakland.

The winner of Thursday night's game will take the lead in the AFC West (Chiefs will own tiebreaker with a win).

Raiders' offensive struggles against Chiefs

-Points scored: 10 (season-low)

-Total yards: 285 (2nd-lowest of 2016)

-Giveaways: 2 (T-most in 2016)

-Big plays: 2 (T-fewest in 2016)

Note: "Big plays" refers to 10+ yard runs and 20+ yard passes

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