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NFL Research: Melvin Gordon's rise

*With 307 rushing yards over his past two games, Melvin Gordon has jumped all the way up to No. 3 in the NFL's rushing ranks (768 rushing yards overall). *

NFL Research and Next Gen Stats take a look at Gordon's rise over the past few weeks.

Next Gen Stats: Melvin Gordon vs. stacked boxes

-As the season has progressed, Gordon has steadily improved his ability to run against stacked boxes (defined as 8+ defenders in tackle box)

-In Weeks 1-5, Gordon averaged fewer than 2 yards per carry with 8+ defenders in the box

-In Weeks 6-9, Gordon has averaged 4.9 yards per carry with 8+ defenders in the box

Surging in the last two weeks

-In Week 8 against Denver, Gordon averaged 5.6 yards per carry on 13 carries with 8+ defenders in the box 

-In Week 9 against Tennessee , Gordon averaged 6.4 yards per carry on nine carries with 8+ defenders in the box

*Is Gordon the fastest RB? *
-In Week 9, Gordon had the fastest maximum speed of any ball carrier in the NFL (21.95 mph)

**Setting career marks in Week 9

**-Against the Titans, Melvin Gordon set career highs in several categories

-Carries: 32 (career high)

-Rush yards: 196 (career high, and most in NFL in Week 9)

-Receiving yards: 65 (career high)

-Scrimmage yards 261 (career high)

Where did Gordon's performance rank in Chargers history?

-In Week 9, Gordon became the first Chargers player since 2003 (LaDainian Tomlinson) to finish a game with 30+ carries and 6+ yards per carry

-Overall, just four players in Chargers history have carried the ball 30+ times in a game and averaged 6+ yards per carry (Gordon in 2016, Tomlinson in 2003, Jermaine Fazande in 2000, Gary Anderson in 1988)

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