NFL Research: Key stats from Jon Gruden's coaching career

With Jon Gruden returning to Oakland and becoming the head coach of the Raiders, NFL Research takes a look at some of the most notable stats from Gruden's coaching career.

Fast facts about Gruden

-54 years old

-11 seasons of NFL head coaching experience

-18 seasons of NFL coaching experience

Gruden's head-coaching record

-95-81 record overall in 11 seasons

-Four seasons spent with Raiders (38-26 record from 1998-2001)

-Four seasons spent with Buccaneers (57-55 record from 2002-2008)

-Six winning seasons in 11 seasons as head coach (Five division titles)

How has Gruden fared in the playoffs?

-Gruden has made the playoffs five times in his 11 seasons as a head coach

-Playoff record: 5-4, including Super Bowl title at end of 2002 season

Is there any precedent for what Gruden is doing?

-Jon Gruden is returning to the NFL after not coaching for nine straight seasons

-The success rate of head coaches hired after a nine-plus season span between head-coaching jobs has been a mixed bag

---->Pete Carroll was away from the NFL for 11 years, and has been 79-48 since returning as head coach

---->Chan Gailey was also away from the NFL for 11 years, and he posted a 16-32 record as Bills head coach from 2010-2012

---->Art Shell returned to the Raiders in 2006 after not being a head coach for 12 seasons; Shell posted a 2-14 record in his return season as Raiders head coach

---->Joe Gibbs posted a 30-34 record with the Redskins from 2004-2007, after taking 12 seasons off from coaching

---->Dick Vermeil spent 15 years between head-coaching gigs, and he compiled a 66-62 record when he returned

One stat that stands out about Gruden

-No coach in NFL history has ever returned to a team after being away from that team for 17 years

-It's the longest gap of any coach returning to former team in NFL history

-None of the seven previous head coaches to return to a team after 10+ years away had a winning record in their second stint

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