NFL rescinds fine on Calais Campbell for Big Ben hit

Jaguars defensive end Calais Campbell cost Myles Jack an interception when he was called for roughing Ben Roethlisberger in a November game against the Steelers. At least he didn't cost himself 20 grand.

The NFL has rescinded its $20,054 fine against Campbell, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported, per a source.

The play came in the third quarter of Pittsburgh's 20-16 win over Jacksonville. Roethlisberger threw what appeared to be his third interception of the day, a pass over the middle intended for Antonio Brown that Jack came away with. But Campbell was flagged, negating the turnover. Five plays later, Reothlisberger was intercepted again, for a second time by Jalen Ramsey.

Roethlisberger got the last laugh, rallying the Steelers from a 16-0 deficit. Afterward, Campbell was incredulous that his hit was penalized and fined.

"I was shocked by the call and even more shocked by the fine! But hey, that's why we have an appeals process," Campbell tweeted a week after the game.

The NFL ultimately agreed with Campbell's interpretation. Score it a late victory in a season that contained few of them.

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