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NFL reiterates sideline rules, restrictions in memo sent to teams

In response to a New York Jets staff member tripping a Miami Dolphins player along the sideline during a game, the NFL on Thursday issued a memo to all teams reminding them of longstanding rules regarding bench area borders and restrictions.

The memo, issued by NFL executive vice president of football operations Ray Anderson, states that no coaches or players are allowed in the "first border" -- the solid white six-foot (minimum) area that separates the field from the sideline. Only game officials and the chain crew are allowed in the "first border" because of safety concerns.

The memo also states that only coaches and a small amount of situation substitution players immediately ready to be sent into the game are allowed within the "second border" -- which extends to the solid yellow line within the bench area that is six feet from the solid white "first border."

Each team, the memo states, is responsible for appointing what the league called a "get-back coach" in charge of enforcing all sideline restrictions. Violators of these rules will be subject to in-game penalties and other potential discipline, according to the memo.

"Flagrant violations after two warnings could result in an unsportsmanlike-conduct penalty," the memo states. "Discipline, including fines and suspensions, may be imposed by the League Office when appropriate."

Jets strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi was caught on tape last Sunday tripping Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carroll during a Miami punt. In the video, Alosi can be seen, along with a group of five inactive Jets players, standing on the edge of the "first border."

The Jetson Wednesday suspended Alosi indefinitely for telling players to form a wall along the "first border" to impede opposing players running down the field on punt coverage. Earlier in the week, Alosi had been fined $25,000 and suspended for the remainder of the season, but the Jets increased the punishment after the additional information became known.

Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum didn't rule out the possibility that Alosi will be fired.

"All options are on the table," he said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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