NFL playoff scenarios for Week 17

Editor's note: The following are the playoff scenarios for Week 17 in the NFL:


CLINCHED: Dallas -- NFC East division title and home-field advantage throughout NFC playoffs; Atlanta -- NFC South division title; Seattle -- NFC West division title; New York Giants -- playoff berth; Detroit Lions -- playoff berth; Green Bay Packers -- playoff berth

Atlanta Falcons
Atlanta clinches a first-round bye:
1) ATL win
2) ATL tie + SEA loss or tie
3) SEA loss + DET loss or tie
4) SEA tie + DET loss

Seattle Seahawks
Seattle clinches a first-round bye:
1) SEA win + ATL loss or tie
2) SEA tie + ATL loss + GB/DET tie

Detroit Lions
Detroit clinches division title:
1) DET win
Detroit clinches a first-round bye:
1) DET win + SEA loss or tie + ATL loss

Green Bay Packers
Green Bay clinches division title:
1) GB win or tie


CLINCHED: New England -- AFC East division title, first-round bye and homefield advantage; Kansas City -- playoff berth, first-round bye; Pittsburgh -- AFC North division title; Houston -- AFC South division title; Oakland -- playoff berth; Miami -- playoff berth

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