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NFL Pick 'Em Party presented by Caesars Rewards

Do you want to win a VIP trip to next year's Super Bowl in Los Angeles? Of course you do. Otherwise it would be pretty weird that you are reading this. But check this out. If you enter the NFL Pick 'Em Party presented by Caesars Rewards, you just might win that VIP experience to attend Super Bowl LVI.

The NFL Pick 'Em Party is one you've never seen before. This isn't just picking winners. That's boring. These questions are simple and fun.

Wildcard Saturday_Q1
  • "Will Russell Wilson threw for more or less than 59.5 yards in the first quarter?"
  • "Will the Washington FT get a first down on their first drive?"
  • "Will Gronk have a longer reception than Antonio Brown?"

See. That's fun. Just answer 15 questions like that, and next thing you know, you'll be standing in line at Pink's Hot Dogs getting ready for the big game. Honestly, it's just that easy.

Play the game and answer questions for Super Wild Card Weekend through the Super Bowl. Earn points for each correct answer, with more points awarded for your most confident picks. You'll also earn bonus points for four or more consecutive correct answers. Do all of that, next thing you know, you'll be sitting next to J-Lo in luxury watching the Super Bowl. All right, we can't promise you a seat next to J-Lo, but you can get your chance to win a VIP experience, which on its own is pretty cool.

The action will start on the first play of Saturday's Colts-Bills game with, "Will the first play from scrimmage gain more or less than 4.5 yards?"

Enough reading, go get started at and get into the action.

Good luck!

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