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NFL Perfect Challenge: Aaron Rodgers reclaims the throne


Hey, Deluded Guy who thinks he's a Fantasy Genius. Yeah, I'm talking to you. Wanna go head-to-head with me? To quote Drago in 'Rocky IV', "You will lose." Then again - to quote James Brown in the same movie - you're "living in America." In other words, you're certainly free to try. Just don't start crying when I do to you what Drago did to Apollo Creed.

Each week, Dave will offer up his own personal picks for the NFL Perfect Challenge. If you want to play against Dave and the rest of the NFL Fantasy LIVE crew, join our league!

Tweet your videos to #FantasyShame to be a part of the Shame Report this season. For all things Shek - including the Shame Report, the N-if-L, the Shek List, and his podcast - go to

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