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NFL OnePass Overview


What is NFL OnePass?

NFL OnePass is your digital key to making the most out of attending NFL Events. Fans can download the app in the App Store or on Google Play. Alternatively, fans can register on to receive their QR code (i.e. NFL OnePass). Registration is FREE for NFL OnePass – no purchase necessary.

How does NFL OnePass work?

There are 3 ways fans can register. One, by downloading the app and completing registration inside the app. Two, visiting on a web browser. And three, on-site at the designated NFL OnePass kiosk at and NFL event.

By having NFL OnePass and the app, fans can:

  • See a schedule of player signings and appearances
  • Access photos and videos from the event
  • Participate in interactive activities
  • Be entered for a chance to win prizes
  • Ask Vince, the NFL's 24/7 concierge any event-related questions
  • Receive alerts on the latest event information

Where can I use NFL OnePass?

NFL OnePass can be used at NFL fan events throughout the year including Pro Bowl Experience, Super Bowl Experience, Draft Experience, and more!


What is the age requirement for NFL OnePass registration?

You must be over the age of 18 to register for NFL OnePass. For your safety, all fans registering will be required to accept the waiver to participate in interactive games. During registration, adults will have the opportunity to add up to 5 minors. If you forget to add a minor during registration, you do not need to re-register. Your QR code will be scanned multiple times based on the number of minors participating at that activity you are at.

Do I need to reserve tickets within OnePass to attend Super Bowl Experience presented by Lowe's?

For entrance to Super Bowl Experience Presented by Lowe's, fans will need to register for the NFL OnePass app and book a session time. Additionally, fans should bring their favorite face covering and prepare to maintain at least 6 feet of physical distance from others. If the session date/time that you are looking for is not available, there will be a standby queue available for walk-up fans at Julian B. Lane, but fans will still need OnePass to access. Please note that there is limited capacity to Super Bowl Experience, so entry is not guaranteed.

What happens if I enter incorrect information during registration?

If you entered incorrect information during registration, you will have the ability to edit your mobile phone number in the app. Navigate to the "More" section and click on "Edit Profile". Please note at this time, no other additional information can be updated.

What happens if I forget to enter the minors attached to my NFL OnePass during registration?

You do not need to re-register. Your NFL OnePass QR code will be scanned multiple times based on the number of minors participating at that activity.

Will minors have their own NFL OnePass?

No. Only adults over the age of 18 will have an NFL OnePass QR code. Each adult must have their own QR code.

What if I do not have a smart phone?

You may register for NFL OnePass on your desktop or onsite at the NFL OnePass kiosk location. To register on your desktop, please visit If you register on-site at an event, you will receive a business-size card with your QR code. For all other methods of registration, fans will receive their NFL OnePass via email.

Can I cancel or edit my reservation for my tickets?

Reservations cannot be changed or cancelled. If you need to reserve a different date & session, please use a different email address to register for a new OnePass account. We are only permitting 1 reservation per email address to ensure that as many fans as possible can attend the Super Bowl Experience.

What is the schedule of activities?

The activities do not change daily, the attractions will remain open for all hours of operation.

NFL OnePass App

Where can I download the NFL OnePass app?

Fans can download the app in the Apple App Store or Google Play by searching "NFL OnePass". Fans who are unable to find the app can visit

What happens if I register for NFL OnePass before I download NFL OnePass app?

Once you've downloaded the app, you will be directed to a screen with a "login" button. Please click on the button and login with the your account. Your NFL OnePass will appear in the app on the top right corner for easy access.

Who can I contact if I have an issue with the NFL OnePass app?

Please email for any issues or locate a guest services booth on-site at an NFL event.


How do I win prizes?

In the app, you will find in the navigation bar "My NFL." Click on "My NFL" to view a list of badge locations where you can check in with your NFL OnePass. Once you have checked in at a badge location, the badge will "light up" (i.e. appear in color versus black and white).

The more badges you earn, the more prizes you qualify to win. Prizes are not guaranteed to all fans. You will be notified via text message or email if you have won so be sure to enter your correct information when you register.

Please visit for official rules. You must be over 18 to be eligible to win.


If I receive a text message saying that I've won, where do I claim my prize?

Fans will receive instructions in the text message on where to redeem. Fans must redeem their prizes same-day. No exceptions will be made.


Can I participate in interactive games without NFL OnePass?

For your safety while participating in interactive games, you will be required to accept the waiver when registering for NFL OnePass. For fans under the age of 18, an adult will need to accept the waiver on your behalf. All games that require NFL OnePass will be marked with signs onsite.