NFL Olympics: Tony Romo, Bryant McKinnie as tennis players?

In the spirit of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, we're projecting which NFL players would be best suited to participate in 10 popular sports.

I had a tough time finding NFL players who would be good candidates to compete in tennis. There just isn't much crossover between the two sports. That being said, I managed to find two players who could be something special on the tennis court:

Tony Romo, QB, Dallas Cowboys
Other than stumbling across a photo of Romo leaving the tennis court with pop singer Ryan Cabrera during a Google search, I have very little knowledge about Romo's tennis game. However, I'm going to guess that he's pretty good. First of all, it is well-established that he's an excellent golfer. If he's great at one country-club sport, he should be pretty good at another. Second, his creativity as a playmaker on the football field should translate well to the tennis court.

Bryant McKinnie, OT, Baltimore Ravens
This is my wild-card selection. I know "Mount" McKinnie doesn't really look like a tennis player, but I did my homework and he's had a pretty good tennis coach. While trying to lose excess weight before last season, he actually took tennis lessons from none other than Venus Williams. McKinnie is big and strong enough to serve the ball with authority. If he could work his way up to the net, opponents would also have a tough time lofting the ball over his head. Of course, if a match were to go into the fifth set, Team USA would need to find a courtside oxygen tank with a VERY large mask.

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