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NFL notifies teams that players can exchange jerseys by mail

Among the new conditions for 2020 NFL games due to the COVID-19 pandemic was the prohibition of the recent tradition of players exchanging their jerseys after games.

That rule has been slightly augmented or as NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported, "jersey exchanges are back on for 2020 -- sort of."

The league informed teams on Monday that it is partnering Tide Laundry Detergent and Fabric Care Products, which will cover the cost of one replacement jersey per player. All of said jerseys will be washed first and exchanged by mail.

Therefore, on-field exchanges are still prohibited and subject to team discipline.

Some NFL teams have previously fined players or deducted the cost of jerseys from their salaries.

The NFL asked clubs "to forgo discipline for jerseys exchanged in pursuant to this memorandum for the 2020 season," Pelissero reported. But the on-field swapping of jerseys has been barred due to the novel coronavirus.

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