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NFL Network nabs two awards at 33rd Annual Sports Emmys

NFL Network won two awards Monday evening at the 33rd Annual Sports Emmy Awards in New York.

Composer David Robidoux and arrangers Scott Anderson, Steve Moseley and Paul Taylor won in the category of Outstanding Music Composition/Direction/Lyrics for their work on "Ed Sabol's Last Football Movie."

The award for Outstanding Post Produced Audio/Sound went to "Sound FX: All Access," senior audio engineer Jerry Mahler and audio engineers Vince Caputo, Scott Carter, Paul Flinton, Steve Guercio, Frank Hamilton, Mike Kennedy, Jesse LeGrazie, Terry Mader, Rich Markowitz, Shane McMartin, Steve Moseley, Willie O'Bryan, Geoff Pawlikowski, Paul Pizzica, Mark Ricci, Ryan Stridde and Gary Winger.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was honored with the Chairman's Award representing the patriotic television coverage of the 10-year anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

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