'NFL Network Game Extra' provides special features for eight key matchups

NEW YORK -- Verizon broadband and NFL Network are giving hard-core football fans access to the virtual broadcast booth, enabling them to customize their NFL viewing experience for eight highly anticipated games and giving them access to a variety of other game-enhancing features.

With NFL Network Game Extra, Verizon broadband customers will be able to enjoy the games from multiple camera angles they select. They'll also have online access to up-to-the-minute game statistics, drive chart simulations, on-demand video highlights, live chats with other NFL Network Game Extra viewers and live audio feeds.

Verizon is the only broadband provider to carry NFL Network games both on TV and online, giving subscribers a unique NFL Network game-watching experience. NFL Network Game Extra is available to customers who subscribe to Verizon's FiOS Internet or High Speed Internet service, with either FiOS TV or DIRECTV through Verizon.

This service is available online to Verizon broadband subscribers through wireline internet connections, so whether fans are on the road or watching the game away from home, they can take the action with them.

Customers who subscribe to a combination of Verizon TV and broadband services will receive a personalized NFL Network viewing experience with access to the following key games:

» Nov. 6: Denver Broncos at Cleveland Browns
» Nov. 13: New York Jets at New England Patriots
» Nov. 20: Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers
» Nov. 27: Arizona Cardinals at Philadelphia Eagles
» Dec. 4: Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers
» Dec. 8: New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears
» Dec. 18: Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars
» Dec. 20: Baltimore Ravens at Dallas Cowboys

"With NFL Network Game Extra, Verizon puts broadband customers in the driver's seat, allowing them to experience unparalleled personal viewing control of their favorite teams as they battle for playoff spots," said Bill Heilig, vice president Verizon broadband connected home services. "Verizon is changing the sports industry by giving subscribers an interactive and unique online and TV football viewing experience."

Verizon's FiOS or High Speed Internet subscribers can enjoy NFL Network programming online, including segments from the popular shows NFL Total Access and Playbook, which offer football fans game analysis and a look at upcoming matchups. Verizon also offers FiOS TV subscribers NFL Network, a year-round channel devoted entirely to the game of football, at no additional cost.

To access the new, online NFL Network programming and content, customers can log on to their Verizon consumer broadband accounts at www.verizon.net/nfl. For more information about Verizon FiOS TV and FiOS Internet, customers can visit www.verizon.com/fios or call their local Verizon sales office or 888-438-3467. Customers interested in Verizon's High Speed Internet service can call 877-483-5898 or go to www.verizon.com/highspeed.

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