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NFL Menu: Week 9 - The Royal 66 Pub illustration


Cowboys vs. Browns Scotch Eggs

Cooked in a Terrelle deep Fry-or, our Scotch Eggzekiels will dominate your Week 9 palate due to our Dak-adent offense, complimented by a paprika Gary Barnish and Marinellied defense. If you're a Browns fan, we apologize and recommend washing this one down with literally anything we have on Draft.

Lions vs. Vikings Ploughman's Lunch

Served on a Cordarrelle Platterson, our Darius array of Ham Bradford, Barr boiled eggs and Irish MinneSoda bread makes up this sizeable NFC North favorite. Don't miss out on our fresh "Iced" Pear Walsh, as it gives this meal its infamous crunch time inconsistency.


Steelers vs. Ravens Beef Wellington

Our unrivaled Le'Veon Beef Bellington is comprised of an aged Steak Smith Sr. and is Shaz-seared on defense for three and out minutes. Pick our Eric fennel salad or toe tap into our HariCoates verts as your side. Note: Dont be concerned by a rare Ravens victory, losing to Flacco always turns our Steelers pink.

Colts vs. Packers Minced Beef Cobbler

Not your average Andrew potluck offering, one bite of our Randall Cobbler filled with Donte Minced-beef may allow the Packers to savory their season. Topped in melted Cheeseheads and Mike McParsley, order with a side of creamed Colts' D and traditional Lambeau Leeks.

Titans vs. Chargers Bangers & Mash

Delanie Walk-ins are welcome to try our exotic Bangers & Mash-Mouth made with authentic Qualcommberland Sausage smothered in Melvin Gord-onion gravy. Put a healthy spin on this classic with our Swiss Chard-gers salad, mixed with a dual threat-tuce QB and roasted Brandon CauliFlowers.

Eagles vs. Giants Shepherd's pie

Wentz your appetite for an NFC Feast of our Sterling Shepherd's pie filled with un-squashed geographical beef and Dorial Green-Beans. Pair this "ginormous" Jenkins dish with a pint of our Nelson Agho-lager. Note: Be cautious of sticking a fork in this division, there's plenty of thyme for all sides to rise.

Jets vs. Dolphins Fish & Chips

When life has you feeling 3 and 5, journey back to our Fitz & Chips. NdamuCod strips-sacks dredged in beer battered down passes, go perfectly with our signature pale Tanne-Ale. Unfortunately, a chips on their shoulder attitude likely won't be enough for either side to "Darrellish" in post-seasoned possibility.


Broncos vs. Raiders Treacle Tart

Drop everything for our Demaryius-inspired, Michael CrabTreacle Tart with a criss-cross route Latticevius Murray crust. The added zest of Jalemon Richard "jukes" pushes this classic treat over the goal line and into your pie hole. For more sweets, visit us again in January for a free sample of our "No Fly Scone." A guaranteed steal!

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