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NFL Menu: Week 14 - Studio Route 66 illustration


Steelers vs. Bills Buffalo Wings

A sticky finger food we recommend to all receivers, make sure to ask for extra Sammy napkins when you frostbite into our December 6 & 6-piece Marquise Goodwings, Sammie Coated in your choice of Big haBenero and Shady McSoy sauces. Ask your server for some Marcelery sticks to cool down your Buffalo extra hot seat. Note: This buy one get one Dupree offer is valid through 2/17.

Falcons vs. Rams Fish Tacos

Three tacos and three cheers for 2 more years of grilled Fisher tacos! Rebuild your own L.A. false starter with a choice of botched snapper, cod Gurley or Austin grouper served on a Goff shell tortilla with a kick of Greg Zuerlime zest. Our Falcons' fate rests in their own Shanahands, so expect them to reel this one in while our Rams continue to flounder.


Redskins vs. Eagles Philly Cheesesteak

The playoffs are at steak in this game of ketchup with the big cheese in Big D, so treat yourself to a taste of NFC grease with our Philly meltdown special. Featuring our Cheez Whiz kid Wentz smothered on Italian hoagie Sproles, make sure to order Connor Barwit or widdout Garçonions. Plus, due to our ale-ing Reed, wash this one downfield with our "Fat Rob" stout.

Seahawks vs. Packers Wisconsin Bratwurst

Order the No. 2 if you want to take your Chancellors on our Wisconsin-style Trevone Sheboykin bratKearsed, smothered in Seattle sauer-route runners, Rawls onions and three Kams of beer batted by K.J. Wright. This Claysed meat favorite making a bun for the NFC North title, comes with corn on the Cobb, pack &; cheese and a fresh playoff pitcher of local Milwaukee Brew.

Cowboys vs. Giants New York Bagel & Lox

It's postseason berth brunch time, so stop by our New York Delliott for a Cole wheat, Dez rye-ant or pumpernickel-back bagel with thin MetSliced first NFSeed lox. No chive here, we highly recommend our Cowboys everything bagel, with two cream of the crop top choices for your Rookie of the schmear.

Saints vs. Bucs Cuban Sandwich

A dish fit for a rather "crumby" division, the panini press-ure is on this Bucs' divisional lead sandwich complete with Delvin Breauxsted pork, Vernon Harglazed Ingrham and fresh sliced Jacquiss cheese. Because our Aguayo is in a real pickle and may not Dirk Koet it next spear, we cannot guarantee this is a hit, but let's give it the old college star try!


Ravens vs. Patriots Boston Cream Pie

Baltimore won't Boston Harbor any hard feelings from January 2015 and neither should you! Our Boston Cream Pie made of New England Pats-y cake and pastry Dumerfilling gets its sweetness and Malcolm buttery texture from Belichick's Dont'a Highpowdered perfectioner's sugar and Edelman shortening. Please Mar-tell-us how you liked our treat during the Pats' playoff pie week!

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