NFL Menu: Week 11 - Achilles' Meals illustration


Ravens vs. Cowboys Greek Salad

It doesn't get more classic than our fresh-faced Zeke Salad, comprised of traditional "Cherry World" tomatoes, Cole feta cheeseley and Dennis pitted olives. Zone covered in oregano Scandrick, you won't vinai-regret asking for our healthy Romo's "America's cream" dressing on the side-line.

Patriots vs. 49ers Grilled Octopus & Pita Chips

A tentacle for all eight 49ers losses, don't Baalke at celebrating this one early with our Jeremy Kerled Gronktopus, seasoned with Bay-area leaves and pickled Colin capers-nick. We ask that you be patient with our Belichickpea dip and Pita Chips Kelly, we'll try to hurry-up, though if you're unsatisfied with the spread, please take it up with the general manager.


Eagles vs. Seahawks Lamb Chops

One-handed catch our well-received Jimmy Graham chops, marinated in extra-Sherman olive oil, and complete with Pete Carrollmelized onions and a Greek yogErtz sauce. Served with Agholorzo Pilafadelphia and sitting at the bottom of the Aegean NFSea East, the Eagles can't afford to artichoke in the heart of the season.

Bills vs. Bengals Falafel Sandwich

Enjoy a taste of Geno Athens by way of our Cincinnatahini sauce covering three deep balls of Brandon faLaFell. Escape through our collapsing pita pocket, stuffed with intentionally grounded Dalton pick-peas, and sandwiched between garbanzo Alexander beans and Bills pickles.

Dolphins vs. Rams Pork Souvlaki

Shout Phar-opa! Cooper in honor of Goff's debut with our Ndamukong Suhvlaki Kiko Kebabs made of Lamarcus pork "loiner" and accompanied by a sidelined Case quinoa salad. Note: Please let us know if you're feta up with our selections at barbe-QB by leaving us a passer rating on Yelp.

Packers vs. Redskins Moussaka

Our biggest Crowder-pleaser, get your daily value of James starch with our MoussHaHa Clinton-Dix casserole, packed with Jared cooked eggslant slices and an imported Crosby's leg of Lambeau. Plated in the "pie" formation, this dish is "mAaronated" with Pierre vinegarçon and smothered in our Green Baychamel sauce.


Texans vs. Raiders Baklava

Your taste buds are in for a sweet trip to the DeAndriactic Sea, but first enjoy a 3-hour layover south of the Del Rio Grande. Here, you'll try our rich Brocklava, still craving to prove it's worth thick stacks of dough. Baked with cinnamon Fiedorosticks and topped in Clive walnuts, grab your Wilfork and dig in, it'll surely be a cloves one!

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