NFL launches 'Superad: Who Wants It More' campaign


240 NFL Players Pitched Their Stories
Winning Pitch to be Produced into NFL's Ad to Run during Super Bowl XLII Broadcast
Fans Can Vote on NFL.COM/SUPERAD Starting November 29

For the second year in a row, the NFL is asking fans to pick the pitch that will become its Super Bowl commercial. Rather than fans presenting ideas like last year, for the first-time ever, NFL players will be going head-to-head off the field with their pitches for the NFL's Super Bowl XLII commercial.

NFL Films traveled to NFL team headquarters this fall in a customized NFL-themed tractor trailer to capture the players' stories. Fans will have the opportunity to hear these unique tales and get an exclusive look at some of their favorite NFL players, such as:

" Patriots' Rosevelt Colvin, who confesses he got lost on his way to the first mini-camp and arrived with two-minutes to spare drenched in sweat.
" Seahawks' Matt Hasselbeck, who talks about the first time he received fan mail only to discover it was from someone who wanted Hasselbeck to get him an autograph from Brett Favre.
" Cowboys' Jason Witten, who admits he neglected to bring donuts to a team meeting causing the offensive line to tie him to the goal post and pour ice on him.

The pitches will be posted on **** and 48 of them will be eligible for voting. The selected pitches will be grouped by division and fans will vote for one of six players from each division during the regular season voting round, between Nov. and Dec. 26. Videos from the AFC North, AFC West, NFC North and NFC West will be eligible for voting Nov. 29 - Dec. 12. Videos from the AFC East, AFC South, NFC East and NFC South will be eligible for voting Dec. 13 - Dec. 26. The remaining videos will be posted on **** in the Video Sidelines section.

The "Super Ad: Who Wants It More?" playoff round begins Dec. 27. The contenders will be narrowed down from 48 to eight, with each division represented by one story. In addition, one video from the Video Sidelines section will be included in the playoff round as the wildcard. Fans will vote for their favorite out of the nine finalists over an eleven-day period.

The winning pitch will be determined by fan vote and a panel of judges, consisting of various members of the extended NFL family in areas such as marketing, advertising and media. The playoff round voting period will run from Dec. 27 through Jan. 6, 2008.

Joe Pytka, filmmaker and award-winning director of numerous television commercials, including last year's critically acclaimed NFL spot, will direct the commercial made from the winning pitch.

The winning pitch will inspire the NFL's commercial that will run during Super Bowl XLII on Sunday, Feb. 3 on FOX. The player who submits the winning pitch will be featured in the spot.

Fans who vote may also enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip to Super Bowl XLII in Arizona.

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