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'NFL GameDay Morning' from Championship Sunday

News and Sound Bites From Championship Sunday Edition of NFL GAMEDAY MORNING

"He is the best run-pass threat in the National Football League since Steve Young." - Steve Mariucci on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

"I don't look at it that way. This is a business dispute, a negotiation. We have been partners and we should continue to be partners." - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, in response to NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith's 'We are at war' statement to the New York Times regarding labor negotiations

"You think Lombardi and Halas will be watching the game together today?" - Rich Eisen

"When I talk about Ben, I don't talk about him like I do a Peyton Manning because I believe that the Pittsburgh Steelers are still carried by their defense." - Marshall Faulk on Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger

"I grew up in Iron Mountain, Michigan and the two most important people in the country were John F. Kennedy and Vince Lombardi." - Steve Mariucci on the Green Bay Packers

*"Be yourself. Trust your brand. We're here for a reason. We love our style of football, how we play conceptually, schematically and we're going to put it all out there today." - Packers head coach Mike McCarthy on his message to his team

NFL GameDay Morning, the FIRST pregame show on Sunday morning is in its third season on the air at 9:00 AM ET for a six-and-a half-hour edition taking viewers straight up to kickoff.

In addition to the regular team of Marshall Faulk, Steve Mariucci, Warren Sapp and Michael Irvin, who have won a combined five Super Bowl Championships, host Rich Eisen will be joined by another six Super Bowl ring holders with Deion Sanders, Kurt Warner, Rod Woodson and Joe Theismann and former head coachesBrian Billick and Jim Mora to bring fans the latest analysis from all angles heading into Sunday's championship matchups.

Michael Irvin 1-on-1 Interview with Steelers LB James Harrison: Michael Irvin sits down with Steelers LB James Harrison to discuss his journey from NFL Europe to 2008 AP Defensive Player of the Year, his playing style and the Steelers chance to avenge their Week 15 loss to the Jets.

"When I got released the first few times, it was maturity. I didn't take coaching too well, I didn't know what I was doing. I would actually stop on a play in practice. I think actually sitting down and putting the time in to be a true professional and learn the defense, learn what you're doing. It's not going to just come to you."- Harrison on going from being released four times to 2008 AP Defensive Player of the Year

"It's focus, detail and 100 miles per hour. Very violent because it's a violent game." - Harrison on his playing style

"It upset me. I don't think by any stretch of the imagination that I'm a dirty player. Even the things that I was fined for, if you go back and look at them and look at plays throughout the NFL, it's plays that are similar to mine that are the same or worse that are not flagged or fined."- Harrison on his reputation as a dirty player

"I'll tell you right now, if you go and have a chance to hit me and you hit me high, I will pay your fine. Please don't hit my knees. I will pay your fine if they fine you, just please don't hit my knees."- Harrison on illegal hits

"It's easier for me if you run the ball. I don't have to go anywhere. You've got to get through me before you can pass me, so I rather you run the ball."- Harrison on if he prefers for the Jets to run or pass the ball

For video of Irvin's sitdown with Harrison, please visit: James Harrison video

Quotes from NFL GameDay Morning:

"You think Lombardi and Halas will be watching the game together today?"- Rich Eisen

"Anytime you're in your second year and you are not a liability to your team and you're making throws to help your team win, you need to be recognized."- Marshall Faulk on Jets QB Mark Sanchez

"You know they have tendencies. You know what they like to do and what they don't like to do against you. But at the end of the day, we all know one thing - it's going to be individual matchups; what can I do against this guy and beat him when it counts." - Rod Woodson on facing a team for the second time

"I grew up in Iron Mountain, Michigan and the two most important people in the country were John F. Kennedy and Vince Lombardi."- Steve Mariucci on the Green Bay Packers

"To have the ring, it's personal, absolutely. For me, it was like I had something that other guys I competed against didn't have." - Joe Theismann on what winning a Super Bowl means to him

"Terry Bradshaw has four Super Bowls, Joe Montana has four Super Bowls, Tom Brady has three Super Bowls. The Super Bowl now has become attached to the quarterback; it isn't the team, the team is second." - Joe Theismann on if a Super Bowl ring is necessary to validate a player's career

"When I talk about Ben, I don't talk about him like I do a Peyton Manning because I believe that the Pittsburgh Steelers are still carried by their defense."- Faulk on Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger

"You can't get into the class of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning if you are still surprising people by throwing the ball."- Michael Irvin on if Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger's play deserves more respect

"Hines Ward plays whistle to whistle. Most receivers don't even block."- Deion Sanders on Steelers WR Hines Ward

"Not right now, but check back with me when Hines Ward retires. I'll answer that question in a different way." - Irvin on if the Steelers will regret trading WR Santonio Holmes

"This is the kind of game that Santonio always left his imprint on…I understand that it may not add up in yards, but they will miss his clutchness."- Faulk on if the Steelers will regret trading WR Santonio Holmes

"Where he separates himself is his pocket presence and his escapability. He knows when to stay and deliver the ball and he knows when to leave and create. He is the best run-pass threat in the National Football League since Steve Young."- Steve Mariucci on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

"Even though he's fast enough to get the first down, he's moving to throw the ball."- Warren Sapp on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and his versatility

"They're good. You don't get to this point in the NFL with just luck. Things have gone their way, but every team in the playoffs right now had things go their way." - Faulk on if the Bears are good or just lucky

"You need to be who you are in this business because that's what you're going to sell to your team and to your players…Rex Ryan gives his players the real deal and he gives us the real deal."- Faulk on Jets head coach Rex Ryan

"I thought they were too business-like. They went in, held them at arm's length and said, 'we're not going to get involved in the talking.' I thought they went in without the prerequisite passion you have to have for the game. You can't accuse the New York Jets of not having that passion at it leads from Rex Ryan."- Brian Billick on the Patriots prior to their Divisional Playoff loss to the Jets

"They better change their approach…The Jets are a Super Bowl-caliber team. They're star-studded just as well. They've been on the road and defeated some worthy opponents. So if you think just by inserting Troy [Polamalu] and you don't change what you do, Dick LeBeau, you don't change what you do on first down, when Sanchez kept the down and distances in favor, you're going to find yourself behind the knot, behind the stick and once again, the Jets are going to defeat you."- Faulk on the Steelers defense changing their game plan versus the Jets

"I love what Troy brings to the game, but let's be honest; he improvises. A lot of assignments are missed…I like Troy. I felt like Troy played a sub-par game against Baltimore. I saw tackles missed, opportunities to make plays missed. The Steelers have to come out and play, not just think the Pittsburgh Steelers No. 1 defense with Troy Polamalu is going to beat the Jets."- Faulk on S Troy Polamalu and the Steelers defense

"As good as the Bears defense is today, they're best weapon may be the sod on that field." - Irvin on the field conditions today in Chicago

"My only concern with Mark Sanchez is that Mark Sanchez thinks in his head that he needs to win this game for his team. He has playmakers around him."- Faulk on Jets QB Mark Sanchez

"He felt pressure when Brett Favre left. I think everything is downhill from there getting over that hump, when the fans didn't want him and people doubted him."- Sanders on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

"We say that if the quarterback plays bad every team can lose, but if Aaron Rodgers doesn't have a halfway decent game, they lose the game. The Packers can't run the football on a consistent basis yet." - Woodson on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

Kara Henderson Pregame 1-on-1 with Commissioner Roger Goodell:

"It's great for the game and it's great for the fans. Talking to some of the players out here, it's obviously going to be a great day of football, here and in Pittsburgh." - Commissioner Goodell on today's Championship matchups

"I don't look at it that way. This is a business dispute, a negotiation. We have been partners and we should continue to be partners. The players are going to do very well out of this and they should. This is not anywhere near a war, this is a business dispute that we have to get resolved."- Commissioner Goodell on NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith's "We are at war" statement in the New York Times

"I think the good thing is that we are talking. These things don't get resolved by making a lot of statements publicly. They get done by negotiating and meeting with one another, understanding one another and having a real serious negotiation and a commitment to getting something done." - Commissioner Goodell on his meeting with the union this week

To view Henderson's interview with Commissioner Goodell, please visit:  Goodell interview

Steve Wyche 1-on-1 Pregame Interview with Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy:

"I'll say this; our level has really picked up since the day after Christmas when we started this ride against the Giants. I've seen a very consistent football team, very urgent in our preparation and that's what we're going to trust. We trust the process that brought us here, we trust our brand of football we do day in and day out and that's what we're going to exhibit here today." - McCarthy on the Green Bay Packers

"Be yourself. Trust your brand. We're here for a reason. We love our style of football, how we play conceptually, schematically and we're going to put it all out there today." - McCarthy on his message to his team heading into this game

Jason La Canfora's News Reports:

On the Carolina Panthers plan for the No. 1 overall pick…
Last year, it was all about defensive tackles up top - [Ndamukong] Suh or [Gerald] McCoy. This year, it's going to be defensive ends - Bowers or Fairley. Da'Quan Bowers, defensive end from Clemson, he wreaks havoc in the backfield. The Panthers just hired a defensive-minded head coach in Ron Rivera, they're trying to build from the inside-out. That first pick, given who's there and not there from the quarterback position, doesn't really make sense for the Panthers to address it [at No. 1]. Look for them to go defense. The scouts I've talked to believe the early leader in the clubhouse is Bowers, but Nick Fairley out of Auburn will have plenty of time to make up ground, should he want to do so.

On if Auburn QB Cam Newton is a first-round pick…
It's quite possible, and again we have a ways to go in the evaluation process. Certainly a first-round talent. You're going to start to hear about the Redskins with that No. 10 pick. In Mike Shanahan's offense, he loves to have mobile quarterbacks, whether it's John Elway, Jake the Snake [Plummer], Jay Cutler; it's really been a staple.Cam Newton, we know he's from Auburn and the Redskins have taken first-round picks from Auburn. Jason Campbell didn't work out a few years back, but that was a different regime, so we'll have to see. With San Francisco in the top 10 as well, they're looking for a quarterback, I'm not sure if Newton slips out of the top 10.

On, the following video clips from today's Championship Sunday edition of NFL GameDay Morning are available for viewing:

Must-see TV: Escaping Revis Island - Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders illustrate how opposing receivers should play against Jets CB Darrelle Revis.  Revis video

One More Victory - Vince Lombardi offers some powerful words of advice and encouragement for the teams involved in Sunday's Championship games.  Lombardi video

Sabol's Shot: Escaping the shadow - Steve Sabol compares Aaron Rodgers' emergence from Brett Favre's shadow to that of Steve Young's career after taking over for Joe Montana.  Rodgers video

Does talk overshadow Ryan's talent? - With Rex Ryan's mouth getting him more publicity than his talent as a head coach, the NFL GameDay Morning crew wonders if he should tone it down. Ryan video

The NFL's oldest rivalry - Steve Sabol examines the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears' historic rivalry. Packers and Bears video


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