NFL fines Baltimore Ravens $250,000 for COVID-19 violations

The Baltimore Ravens got through their COVID-19 issues that ravaged their team, remaining in the playoff hunt and currently having no players on the reserve list.

Now that the review is complete, the punishment from the NFL is in.

Sources say the Ravens were fined $250,000 for their role in the outbreak, but they were not docked a draft pick. The substantial fine is the same as the New England Patriots received but falls short of the $350,000 that the Tennessee Titans were fined for their COVID-19 issues.

Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos were not fined by the NFL for their COVID-19 situation that left them without a QB for one game. In part, that's because the Broncos imposed discipline on their own players and the organization was not found negligent. Their protocols were sound.

The Ravens had four unique strains of COVID-19 in their facility. Over the span of 10 days, nearly two dozen players were placed on the reserve list, including quarterback Lamar Jackson. The team suspended strength coach Steve Saunders for failing to report his symptoms and not always wearing a mask.

The Ravens-Steelers game was postponed a few times before being played on a Wednesday. On that day, there were no active positives. Prior to that, they had 10 consecutive days of at least one positive test.