NFL finalizes pass interference replay for 2019 season

The pass interference review rule for the 2019 season is officially finalized.

The NFL Competition Committee unanimously recommended the rule for instant replay of pass interference for this season only, the league announced Thursday. This comes exactly one week after the league announced teams had a week to provide additional feedback on the final rule.

According to the final rule, pass interference reviews after the two-minute warning of each half and during overtime will be initiated by the replay official. The replay official will only stop the game when there is "clear and obvious visual evidence" that a pass interference penalty may or may not have occurred.

In an effort to limit excessive stoppages, any stoppage will occur under stricter criteria than other reviewable plays. Calls will only be reversed based on "clear and obvious visual evidence" that an incorrect call was made, which is the same standard for all reviews.

Even under two minutes, all passing plays can be reviewed for pass interference. Any "Hail Mary" play at the end of a half or game will be reviewed in replay consistent with the guidelines for officiating the play on the field.

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