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NFL Films' 'Road to the Super Bowl' will air Super Bowl Sunday

40th anniversary of most-honored annual Sports special

One-hour special culled from 1.7 million feet of game film
and 400 hours of game audio from 133 coaches and players

How did the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts advance to Super Bowl XLIV in South Florida? Re-live the journey as only NFL Films can present it on "Road to the Super Bowl" on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 7 at 12 p.m. ET on CBS.

"Road to the Super Bowl" begins with Kickoff Weekend and chronicles the 2009 NFL season utilizing NFL Films' signature captivating video and sound from on the field and in the locker room from exclusive player and coach wirings.

"For those who love football, this show is red meat," said NFL Films president Steve Sabol. "No interviews, no talking heads, all action."

"Road to the Super Bowl" celebrates its 40th anniversary this year as the longest-running and most honored (28 Sports Emmys) annual sports special. "Road to the Super Bowl," which debuted following the 1969 season, was culled by NFL Films producers from more than 1.7 million feet of game footage to 980 feet for the one-hour special. In addition, more than 400 hours of audio were captured from 133 exclusive coach and player on-field wirings. Original orchestral music, including a 60-person choir, was used in producing the show.

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