NFL fantasy football: Week 9 Shame Report

Dameshek here. Week 9 is in the books, and now it's time for me to shine the white hot light of shame on those who deserve it most. Just remember, players and coaches: don't get angry at me if I call your name. Ultimately, I didn't put you on this list. You put you on this list. Let it begin!


The good news is, I still would rather have him as my fantasy (and real) QB over fellow '04 draft mate, Philip Rivers. The bad news is, he ranks behind not just Ben Roethlisberger, but also the other '04 draftee, Matt Schaub (not to mention that QB in Denver). Shame!


Based on the way these two supposed stars have played of late, the Chiefs could hardly do worse putting Matt Cassel at running back and Brady Quinn at wide receiver ... which I guess would mean Charles and Bowe could alternate at QB. Hey wait ... this could work!

Now let's get to this week's viewer-submitted video Fantasy Shame nominee. All season, we're featuring our favorite tweets that use the hashtag #FantasyShame. Showing the global power of the Shame Report (and to a slightly lesser degree, fantasy football), this one comes from south of the border. Take it away, @FueledByFerco ...

Excellente! Muchas gracias, senor. Next...


Bears Defense

Shame on them for ranking ninth in total points scored. Shame on them for killing fantasy owners who have to go up against the person who has them. And shame on any fantasy owner who's depending on this sort of historically prolific scoring to continue through the playoffs.


Seventy yards and three TDs. Where was that when people were actually starting you, Mikel? And by the way, shame on you for simultaneously killing the value of Brandon Pettigrew, Titus Young and Matthew Stafford (just 11.20 points). So selfish.

That brings me to #1 and the Brown Paper Bag of Shame, which this week goes to...

Every player on my fantasy team besides Doug Martin

The Buccaneers tailback scored 51 points for my team in Week 9. The rest of my starters scored 70 combined. If we're gonna win it all, we're gonna need a total team effort. For the woeful effort, I've decided to temporarily rename my team The Muscle Hamster & The Guys in Brown Paper Bags of Shame. Deal with it, chumps.

'Til next time, try not to embarrass yourselves.

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