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NFL fantasy football: Week 13 Shame Report

Dameshek here...and I've brought the fantasy playoffs with me -- an exciting time for some, a depressing time for others. But no one has emerged from the regular season without experiencing at least a little bit of Shame. So right now, before you set that playoff lineup, it's time for me to shine the White Hot Light of Shame on those who've distinguished themselves for all the wrong reasons. Just remember, players and coaches: don't get angry at me if I call your name. Ultimately, I didn't put you on this list. You put you on this list. Let it begin!


Julio Jones (4.80) and Roddy White (2.00), WRs, Atlanta Falcons

Fantasy owners understand drafting either Jones or White comes with this asterisk: when one of the Mattural's two starting WRs thrives, the other languishes. It's another, far worse thing when neither of you produces in a game where Brees gave you five extra possessions against that awful Saints D? Shame.


Shame on him for showing up all the rest of us human beings. What a comeback. He's got a legitimate shot at 2000 yards. It even trumps what Manning's doing in Denver.

Now for this week's Get Out of Shame Free Card. Should its recipient find his way into future Shameful behavior, he can play the card to square his ledger with the house. This week, it goes to... Drew Brees, whose 54-game TD streak finally - inevitably - came to end in Atlanta last Thursday night. In an almost entirely unpredictable league, Brees has been as consistent a fantasy play at his position as any skill player over the last handful of years. Tip of the hat, fella. Now back to the Shameful...


3.64 points?! Five interceptions? Against that defense? (I know, I know - the Falcons are 12-1. It's ridiculous to doubt them. They'll absolutely, positively roll through NFC playoffs. Right, everybody?) Either way, it's the last week of the fantasy regular season. That's when stars are supposed to shine brightest. You let me down, Drew. Worse yet, you let yourself down. Gimme that Get Out of Shame Free card.


Brandon Lloyd (1.00), WR, New England Patriots

No Gronk, no difference. Four straight games of 4.50 or less. How can a receiver getting snaps with Tom Brady not put up numbers?

And at #1, earning the Brown Paper Bag of Shame...

It's over. There's no good reason for the Mark Sanchez era to continue in New York (unless the Giants want him as a backup). But why am I writing this in a fantasy piece? If you were starting the Sanchise in fantasy, you must've been in a 37-team league. (And if you're in such a league, I hope you started Greg McElroy, who outscored Sanchez with 29 yards passing (5.66).

'Til next time, try not to embarrass yourselves... and best wishes in the playoffs.

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