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NFL fantasy football: Week 11 Shame Report

Dameshek here. With the arrival of Thanksgiving, here's hoping you're not thankful the fantasy season is nearly done because of underperforming players on your roster. Maybe it'll make you feel better for me to shine the White Hot Light of Shame on those who've let you down. And really, isn't that what this holiday is all about? Just remember, players & coaches: don't get angry at me if I call your name. Ultimately, I didn't put you on this list. You put you on this list. Let it begin!


Not only could he not take advantage of his first start, he couldn't do it against the Redskins terrible pass defense. On the bright side, at least Eagles fans don't have to waste precious holiday time blaming Michael Vick for the team's problems.

By the way, when it comes to QBs, I'd be remiss to skip over Matt Ryan and his five INTs in Week 11. You've been terrific most of the season, so I'll let this one slide ... but with the fantasy playoffs almost here, please don't make me worry about you performing how you have in the real playoffs over the course of your career.


It's too easy to blame Larry Fitzgerald (1.10), who's hit an all-time low. He's going to the Hall of Fame one day, but -- like Barry Sanders a generation ago -- Fitzgerald's offensive colleagues are making his career far less satisfying than it should be for Cards fans and fantasy owners alike. Good gravy, it's shameful.


Elite? Nope. He's the same as he ever was: good at home, bad on the road. The guy's got two quality WRs and one of the best RBs in the game, but he continues to put up numbers like Trent Dilfer circa '99. Shame on you, Joe. And Torrey Smith (.70), too. And to the man most responsible for the lousy Ravens offense, Cam Cameron.


This week's viewer-submitted video Fantasy Shame nominees.

All season, we've been featuring our favorite tweets that use the hashtag #FantasyShame. I'd like to give thanks to all of you who've taken the time to nominate the most shameful deeds on the fantasy gridiron since Week 1. Maybe it's because of the holiday, but we got a cornucopia of great videos this week, highlighted by three below…

Excellent work, all - now, it's time to bring it home with No. 1 and the Brown Paper Bag of Shame, which this week goes to...

In 2012, we learned McFadden can fail to produce for reasons other than injury. For the most of this season, we were able to rationalize his struggles by blaming the offensive line. Then came Marcel Reece (19.30). Marcel Reese! The former tight end has three-straight performances with 10 or more points. No room for turkey leftovers in this brown paper bag, DMC -- it's all filled up with your head! Wear it well.

'Til next time ... have a happy Thanksgiving. And try not to embarrass yourselves.

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