NFL fantasy football: Week 11 anxiety meter

If you've followed me at all, you know how much I love to play guys on Monday night. After a hard-fought week of games, it's kind of nice to have one last little boost to possibly win your week for you (which is what happened with Jamaal Charles).

As much as I love to play guys on Monday night, I equally hate to start guys on Thursday night. I mean, it's always nice to see your players in prime time, but one misplaced bagel in the scorer's column and you have to go to work on Friday and look at the black hole on your fantasy roster. You all remember Dennis Pitta a couple of weeks back, right?

Well, as the Fantasy Fraidy-cat, I've gone out of my way to construct a Thursday night anxiety meter for these NFL Network games which will look at some guys you might consider as options, and how comfortable you should feel about it. The higher the anxiety, the less you should play him.

And without further ado ...

Ryan Tannehill, QB, Miami Dolphins

Tannehill has balanced great performances with some awful games. The matchup against the Bills is tempting. Buffalo has allowed the second-most points to fantasy quarterbacks this season. But Tannehill had a great matchup last week against the Titans and failed to deliver.

Fantasy Anxiety Meter rating: 80 percent

Reggie Bush, RB, Miami Dolphins

Bush has entered a portion of the season where he should crush opposing defenses. Instead he has taken to Twitter to apologize for his lack of production. As bad as the Bills have been against fantasy quarterbacks, they are even worse against running backs. In a week where so many big-name running backs are on a bye, it's hard to imagine a situation where you could bench Bush.

FAM rating: 20 percent

Danny Thomas, RB, Miami Dolphins

Thomas would be a great sneaky-start from your flex spot on a Sunday afternoon. Thomas has become a part of the rotation and has been more dependable than Bush in recent weeks. But do you want to go all-in this early in the game? I always see the similarities between fantasy football and poker, and this would be a very early, bold move. It's a great idea, and if you have the gumption to pull it off, I commend you for it.

FAM rating: 60 percent

Brian Hartline, WR, Miami Dolphins

Hartline has struggled with consistency this season, when he had huge games followed by some pretty poor performances. Hartline has 186 receiving yards in the last two weeks. But he hasn't scored a touchdown. Not the kind of guy you want to start on a Thursday night. The best part though? If my trade offer doesn't get accepted, Hartline starts for me in my league of record. With bye weeks and injuries, I will have to choose between Hartline and Josh Gordon. I lean toward Hartline right now.

FAM rating: 60 percent

Anthony Fasano, TE, Miami Dolphins

The Bills don't stop quarterbacks, they don't stop running backs and they don't stop receivers. The Bills have completed the royal flush as they have been lousy against tight ends, too. But Thursday night has not been kind to fantasy tight ends. This would be a matchup play on Sunday, but you can't trust this guy on Thursday night.

FAM rating: 100 percent

Miami Dolphins D/ST

Again, you have to like the matchup for the Dolphins. But there is no way I am going to risk a big zero based on a feeling. I can stomach that stuff on Sunday when I only have to think about it for one day. I don't want this to cloud my weekend.

FAM rating: 80 percent

Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB, Buffalo Bills

The Dolphins have allowed the 12th-most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season, but Fitzpatrick hasn't been consistent enough to start this week. Fitzpatrick has had more turnovers (three) than touchdowns (two) over the past two weeks, so you really don't want to put your week into his hands.

FAM rating: 80 percent

C.J. Spiller, QB, Buffalo Bills

The Dolphins are pretty tough against fantasy running backs this season, but there is no way you can sit Spiller, especially if Fred Jackson isn't able to go. Spiller has crushed it every time he takes the field, so he has to be in your lineup.

FAM rating: None

Stevie Johnson, WR, Buffalo Bills

The Dolphins provide an excellent matchup for Johnson, who has just 115 receiving yards over the past two games, and 186 yards with a touchdown over the past month. Johnson has 19 receptions for 237 yards and a touchdown in four games against the Dolphins in the last two years. This will be his first meeting against Miami this season.

FAM rating: 60 percent

Scott Chandler, TE, Buffalo Bills

Chandler is a lot like the New York Yankees lineup from this season, it's all or nothing. Seriously, Curtis Granderson looked like a beer league softball player as he walked to the plate and just took his hacks for the fence. That's what Chandler is like in fantasy football. It's either a touchdown or a bagel. And that's it.

FAM rating: 100 percent

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