NFL fantasy football: Week 10 trade tracker

No playoffs. Trying to upgrade my keepers for next year. I get Jamaal Charles and Stevie Johnson for my Marshawn Lynch and Torrey Smith. Is Charles a better keeper over Lynch? --@ Pflogeras

Money: The Seahawks are built in a similar fashion as the San Francisco 49ers, so their identity is play great defense and run the heck out of the ball. That bodes well for teams in keeper leagues that own Marshawn Lynch. When it comes to Jamaal Charles, there are far too many questions that will need to be answered this off-season. Who's running the team, who is the head coach, is there a rookie quarterback that will be broken in? Will they spread it out and throw the ball, or feature Charles as a 20-plus carry back? Not sure, but we are sure that Lynch is the centerpiece of that Seattle offense.

I have been offered Jamaal Charles for Brandon Marshall. Any thoughts? --@profsr314159

Money: Why in the world would you trade Brandon Marshall, who's hitting his stride, who is coming off a three-touchdown performance, who so clearly is a top three fantasy receiver this year, for a giant question mark of a running back, on the most inept offense in the entire NFL? I understand the premium placed on the running back position, but what match up are you going into on any given week when you feel like you're not coming out ahead at that position? None, I would suppose. Keep Marshall, and don't think twice about it.

I can give up Heath Miller and get Andre Johnson or Jamaal Charles, is it worth it? --@stalsma

Money: A lot of Jamaal Charles questions, clearly his owners are tired of his lack of production and want to sell high, if in fact someone will bite. I can see Charles having an impact in the second half of the season, and trading Miller for him makes a ton of sense. In Charles, you're getting a second round pick in return for a waiver wire pick up at the tight end position. I would recommend picking up Carson Palmer's favorite target, Brandon Myers off the same waiver wire where you found Miller, as a replacement. I take Charles over Johnson, as 'Dre has become a possession receiver, and no longer posts those eye-popping totals that we have been used to in years past.

I can trade Hakeem Nicks for Tony Gonzalez or Owen Daniels, who is better? --@macdaddy1955

Money: I go Owen Daniels. He's clearly the No. 1 red-zone target for Matt Schaub, not to mention Gary Kubiak has been lining him up outside and letting him take a linebacker down the sideline as he streaks to the end zone. His arrow is pointing up, and with a playoff schedule that includes New England, Indianapolis and Minnesota, that's the money making time for Daniels, and you'll be happy you added him.

Just accepted a trade for Ray Rice, I'm giving up Chris Johnson. Good deal for me? --@IAmRobertKane

Money: I get the sense that Calvin Johnson is about to explode this week inside that dome when the Lions travel to Minnesota. Still, for the long run, you're talking about a Detroit team that's playing a tough playoff schedule that includes trips to Green Bay and Arizona, and a home game against the Falcons. Ray Rice has the Redskins on the road, and the Broncos and Giants at home. Not the best run defenses in the league for sure. It's a solid swap for both sides if you need a running back and the person trading Rice needs a wide receiver, but you still come out way ahead from a consistency standpoint.

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