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NFL fantasy football sleepers: Week 4

If you have a big game against the Indianapolis Colts, that's nice. Enjoy the warm handshakes and bro hugs, but it's not going to move the fantasy needle.

Have a good game against the 49ers? Now you have something to talk about.

Christian Ponder, QB, Minnesota Vikings: Ponder had an incredible 25.22 fantasy points against the 49ers, though a majority of it came on a huge touchdown run, which you can't count on each week. But he does rank fifth among quarterbacks over the last two weeks so he is a sleeper for Week 4. Ponder has a great matchup against the Detroit Lions. And I'm not saying you start him over struggling quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers or Philip Rivers, but if you start Ben Roethlisberger or Andy Luck, Ponder is a guy you can pick up off the waiver wire right now.

As an added bonus, his Madden NFL 13 rating is going up this week, too. If that doesn't tell you something, nothing will.

And now on to the rest of Rank's 11.

Josh Freeman, QB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Freeman was the darling of NFL fantasy drafts in 2011 but failed to deliver. Freeman again was talked about as possible sleeper this year, but again, he hasn't done anything to separate himself. But if it's ever going to happen, it will happen against the Redskins, who have allowed the third-most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season.

Andy "Red" Dalton, QB, Cincinnati Bengals: Dalton is another quarterback who has thrived over the last two weeks, though Mohamed Sanu stole a huge touchdown pass from him against the Redskins. (And this is why you should temper expectations a touch because he did light up the Skins.) Dalton plays the Jaguars this week, so his matchup is the worst of the three quarterbacks mentioned, but he's still an option if you face a quarterback quandary.

Mikel LeShoure, RB, Detroit Lions:Jim Schwartz pulled some #shanahanigans when he quickly inserted LeShoure into the lineup against the Titans. I laughed at one of the owners in my Corona Football League, with my life-long friends, as he released LeShoure. (I grabbed Andre Brown instead, and I'm comfortable with the choice). But LeShoure is the No. 1 back for the Lions. And I hope you drafted him and held on to him this week.

Ryan Williams, RB, Arizona Cardinals: If you get a chance to pick up a No.1 running back, you have to do it. Beanie Wells is not an option for the Arizona Cardinals. And Williams' fumble against the New England Patriots' didn't land him in the doghouse. I mean, it's not like he's playing for the Giants. Williams has a good matchup against the Dolphins this week so if you are down a running back, give him a look.

Lance Moore, WR, New Orleans Saints: There will be a large number of you who scoff and say, "Moore isn't a sleeper" and then head to the social media outlets to let me know. But before you even type the response, can you please explain to me why Moore only started in 17 percent of leagues in Week 3? Too bad, he had a nice game against the Kansas City Chiefs and he should be a nice start against the Green Bay Packers.

Andrew Hawkins, WR, Cincinnati Bengals: Hawkins was a member of Rank's 11 last week, and he's still available out there in many leagues. He had just four targets in Week 3, but he always has the ability to take the ball to the house on any play.

Heath Miller, TE, Pittsburgh Steelers: Here's something you need to know about fantasy football: Heath Miller scores touchdowns. Now, he's not going to be much help to you this week because the Steelers are on a bye. But grab him for future weeks. And if some unsuspecting owner drops him this week? Pounce on him.

Kyle Rudolph, TE, Minnesota Vikings: Rudolph is a guy you can start playing in regular formats. Rudolph was targeted six times in Week 3, and came away with five catches. But more importantly, three of those targets came in the red zone. So Ponder is clearly looking for him down there.

Owen Daniels, TE, Houston Texans: Daniels had his first touchdown of the season in Week 3, and this week he goes up against the Tennessee Titans, who have allowed the most points to fantasy tight ends this season.

Arizona Cardinals Defense: Earlier this season, I recommended the Cardinals defense to our fill-in producer on the Dave Dameshek Football Program, Claire "Blue Tie" Atkins, and the two of us are a part of the small fraternity (5.4 percent actually) of those who start the Cardinals defense. Make sure you get his DST into your lineups. You won't be able to add them anymore after this monster game.

For the record, you can submit your fantasy questions to NFL Fantasy Live, Michael Fabiano or me on Twitter. But realize, NFL Fantasy Live has 70,000 followers, and Fabiano has 60,000. Me? Just 13. See, the odds are better I will answer your question, so hit me up both via Twitter or via Facebook (oh wait, I told you to stop going to Facebook). Go instead to Google+. Also be sure to catch the latest "Dave Dameshek Football Program."

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