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NFL fantasy football: Sell high on Mark Ingram

So here's how it's going to work. Every Thursday I'll post a "Buy Low, Sell High" column somewhere around this very spot, and the idea behind it is similar to the financial markets. Simply put, it's all about value. Week-to-week value, month-to-month value, or perhaps an asset that's being downgraded because of a team's performance that shouldn't necessarily prevent that individual from being a good play going forward.

Sell High

This is the perfect time to dump Turner, considering he had a touchdown and a double-digit performance against the Broncos. He was drafted on his reputation from seasons past and not on future production. I would take back a No. 2 back, say Steven Jackson or Cedric Benson. While Jaquizz Rodgers isn't lighting it up yet, you can see Dirk Koetter's plans for him far exceed those of Turner.

Bottom line on Ingram is he's nowhere near the back Pierre Thomas is (see below). At 0-2, the Saints aren't in the business of making Mickey Loomis look good for trading up in to the first round in 2011 to get a between-the-tackles runner in Ingram. Thomas did more with considerably fewer carries, he's better in the passing game, and will see an increased workload in the weeks to come.

That's right, if you have one of these quarterbacks and happen to have picked up Matt Ryan or Robert Griffin III in the later rounds as your second quarterback, it's time to cash in on that brilliant move. I have no doubt RG3 and Matty Ice will stay atop the quarterback rankings moving forward, and by floating one of those former first-round fantasy draft picks out there, you could snag a LeSean McCoy or Arian Foster, if the team has a need at quarterback. Chances are if someone picked one of those top backs early, he gambled on a quarterback and could be in the market for an exchange.

Much like the waiver deadline in baseball, lob Green out there to see what kind of attention he gets, and what kind of offers you field. Andy Dalton, like many rookies, found his best friend in the passing game last season, and relied almost exclusively on him. With a year under his belt, Dalton clearly is more comfortable working his progressions, and you're seeing Andrew Hawkings, Brandon Tate and Jermaine Gresham starting to take a lot of the targets that Green was getting last year. Green still has the reputation to perhaps fetch you a Stevie Johnson, Roddy White or Percy Harvin. Each of those players will finish ahead of Green at the end of the season.

I know he missed the Thursday game against the Panthers, I know his value is down because of it, but remember he's coming off a 27-point performance against the Buccaneers. He's always been an injury risk, and this simply confirms what we've already known. Having a foot issue heading into the season, he's not going to be right on a short week. Factor in the Giants will play the Eagles and Cowboys twice, and those teams have top-six defenses against wide receivers this year. Never mind the non-division opponents they'll face, the 49ers and Ravens. They'll be in Baltimore on the 23rd of December -- that's Week 16, which is likely your Super Bowl.

Buy Low

If someone is foolish enough to dump one of these guys over a concern that there aren't enough targets for the both of them, pounce, pounce immediately. I would trade any player not named Calvin Johnson for Jones, and White should be an upgrade on your roster unless you think you have a player that will end up in the top-ten come seasons end. That means Hakeem Nicks, Steve Smith, Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald are all players I would deal for White.

It was clear that the Texans were in a run-run-and-run-some-more mode against the Jaguars. So in the case of blowouts, you're going to see them play it safe with 'Dre all season. But you can see the explosion, you can see the old Johnson out there, and for that, you can perhaps pull off a deal like the one Michael Fabiano managed in our NFL AM league, exchanging Doug Martin for 'Dre. Highway freaking robbery.

He's a top-five producer so far this season and he rushed over 1,000 yards last year, yet for one reason or another, Frank Gore is getting no love from fantasy fans. On my twitter feed, @mattmoneysmith, Gore gets the most inquiries regarding his value for other running backs or No. 2 wide receivers of any player. I understand he's got knee concerns and that the 49ers offense isn't explosive, but he is the engine that makes it go. If you can pick him up from someone that's playing him as their No. 2 or flex, give up that bigger name to get him on your roster.

This should be easy pickins. He didn't get any carries at the goal line in Week 1, and last week against the Packers, the Bears' offense was a hot mess. Forte owners are certainly experiencing some buyer's remorse right now, and that's the perfect time to take advantage of their displeasure. Plus, look at his next three games: St. Louis, Dallas and Jacksonville. Get in there before he gets back on pace to be one of the more productive running backs in fantasy football. You might be able to poach him for a just outside the elite receiver, or top tight end that can be replaced much more easy than a 1,500 yards from scrimmage back like Forte.

Why not? You don't think there are guys out there that are freaking out over how little production their top-five overall pick of Brady has provided? Look at your league and see who the backup quarterback is on the team that has Brady. If there's a competent player there, you might be in luck. Brady will bounce back from a slow start, so don't think twice throwing out Marshawn Lynch, Reggie Bush or Adrian Peterson to see if you can get a nibble.

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