NFL Fantasy Football Podcast: A conversation with James Koh (AKA How to make it)

Marcas Grant is joined by James Koh for this special mid-July edition of the NFL Fantasy Football Podcast. The hosts start by recounting how James got his start in the industry with some advice for anyone looking to break into fantasy sports. Next, Marcas and James look at draft strategy topics, including what to look for in later rounds and how best to use ADP. After that, James goes on an epic rant defending the kicker position in fantasy football. Then, the two discuss quarterbacks with question marks, covering Aaron Rodgers' status in Green Bay, the chances that Carson Wentz bounces back in Indianapolis under Frank Reich, whether or not Cam Newton can return to form, and how Sean Payton will utilize Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill in New Orleans. Finally, they wrap up the show with rapid-fire questions about all-time greats in college sports, wrestling and alt rock music.