NFL fantasy football: It's okay to spend for top-notch RBs

Recently, our crew of fantasy football analysts conducted a mock fantasy football auction draft. The 15-man roster consisted of one QB, two RBs, two WRs, one TE, one WR/RB, one K, one DEF and six bench spots. It uses's standard scoring system.

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What was your auction strategy?

There's a first time for everything and this was my first time putting together a strategy for an auction draft. Realizing how shallow the pool for quality running backs is, I made a conscious decision to set aside a sizable chunk of my bank to make sure I landed one (hello, Arian Foster!). After grabbing Foster and a top-notch receiver (welcome aboard, Wes Welker), I was content to lay back and fill in the rest of the roster with bargains wherever I could find them.

What was your favorite pick?

Snagging Victor Cruz for seven dollars was a no-brainer. Maybe no one believes that he'll merengue into the end zone nine times again this year. Or maybe it was my Obi-Wan Kenobi-like "this isn't the wide receiver you're looking for" Jedi mind trick. Either way, I'm not going to complain about getting a quality wideout for less than the price of a super-sized fast food meal.

What pick do you regret the most?

I tried to be clever and nominate the Green Bay Packers defense, hoping to start a bidding war. Sure, I realize that unit gave up a lot of yards last year, but its ability to create turnovers and score touchdowns made it the sixth-highest scoring fantasy defense in 2011. Unfortunately, no one bit on that pump fake. Fortunately, it only cost me a dollar.

Did your draft strategy work?

I think the strategy was mostly successful. Aside from the ill-fated Packers selection, I was able to land a couple of quality starting receivers and a top-tier tight end (Rob Gronkowski), even if I may have overpaid for him. Add a QB (Peyton Manning) worth taking a risk on and there's the framework of a quality team there.

What do you like/dislike about your team?

My running back situation is pretty encouraging, with Foster and Ahmad Bradshaw in my starting spots. Throw in Ben Tate as a handcuff to Foster along with Jonathan Stewart and Pierre Thomas on the bench and there's some potential trade bait to help shore up other areas … namely, my wide receivers. I'm happy with Welker and Cruz, and Antonio Brown at the flex spot has a lot of potential. But I'm not sold on my bench of Malcom Floyd and Denarius Moore. Both of those guys are feast or famine and I'm just afraid that there could be lean times ahead.

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