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NFL fantasy football: Doug Martin carries premium trade value

Every Wednesday, I'll share with some of the trade submissions sent along to my twitter account, @MattMoneySmith, so you can see what types of exchanges are being forwarded to participants in fantasy leagues.

There are a few trades that were so overwhelmingly one sided I barely want to respond, but I feel the need to confirm that the tweeter who sent it along did read it right, and wasn't missing anything before striking first, striking hard, and showing no mercy. Others do in fact present a true conundrum, one that warrants some credit or criticism in the comments section regarding my conclusion.

Here we go!

Should I trade Antonio Brown for Doug Martin or keep him for flex position? -- @mhollywoodSLP

Money: This sort of follows my advice to those that ask me about being in debt and what they should pay off first. It's simple, whatever has the highest interest rate. A good gauge on what you're giving up versus what you're getting, in this case a flex player. Antonio Brown has an ADP of 73.89, 8th round. Conversely, Doug Martin, because there is a premium on RB's, has an ADP of 54.16, 6th round (Average Draft Position can be found on the fantasy page of So if you're going to make the deal, do it quick before whoever offered it up catches on to the mistake he or she is making.

I have both Decker and Demaryius Thomas on a couple of teams. Should I trade Thomas? -- @kuzon4

Money: I get a lot of requests to evaluate Decker and Thomas. Personally I like Decker a bit more than Thomas, he's simply the better receiver. Thomas came out of that Georgia Tech Triple Option offense, and still has some work to do on his route tree. Decker is knocked because he's white. He's blazingly fast. He's got the size, and he's a more accomplished wide out, plain and simple. He's the guy you want to keep. But the bigger issue is, why are you in a hurry? Let Peyton Manning show you in the first couple weeks, what he sees, since you have both, it's likely one of them is going to fetch a premium, don't short this asset before it has a chance to mature.

I give Hakeem Nicks, I get Brandon Marshall. Good trade? - @TrueYankee02

Money: First of all, considering your Twitter handle, I have to commend you on not being too emotional about this decision, if in fact the G-Men are your favorite team. That's a big problem with too many fantasy players. As of the answer to your question, Absolutely. Are there any injury concerns with Nicks or Marshall? Yes, with Nicks. Is there any question that one or the other is the go to receiver in his relationship with his quarterback? Yes, Victor Cruz got 8+ targets in 10 of the final 12 games last year. Has Brandon Marshall produced at every stop of his career? Of course he has. Marshall will be in the top 5 this season, I have no question about it, Nicks needs to stay healthy to get there, and he's already had a bump in the road. Make the deal.

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