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NFL fantasy football: Don't panic, it's only Week 1

Welcome to the first regular season installment of "Fantasy in 15 Minutes or Less." If you're new to fantasy and don't have as much time to devote to it as others, fear not. You'll have all the information here every week to put you on an even playing field with the rest of your fantasy league and get you set up to win a championship. I promise, it will take less than 15 minutes for you to read this column (unless you're a really slow reader) and put in your moves for the week. The '90's brought us Seven Minute Abs and pizza in a half-hour, now the teens will be known for this. I hope. Patent pending, patent pending.

1) Your stars are still your stars. I know, you expected big things from Wes Welker, Chris Johnson, Dwayne Bowe, Michael Turner and a couple of others. Don't panic. Right now, it's just a bad week for them. Your first three picks are all still worth starting, they just didn't show it Week 1. Don't panic. Don't let another owner swoop in and say "Hey, Brees stunk, but I can trade you Mark Sanchez for him!" Now, if some guys are still bad after Week 2, then we can talk panic.

2) The top free agents to pick up this week who are likely available in your league are:

» Dexter McCluster, WR, Kansas City Chiefs: He could be a star this season, so grab him and see if he blossoms.

» Stephen Hill, WR, New York Jets: They don't have a ton of playmakers there and Hill is a speedster Sanchez can trust.

» Kevin Ogletree, WR, Dallas Cowboys: Why not? He's worth taking a chance on, but his overall fantasy worth is still up in the air.

» Randy Moss, WR, San Francisco 49ers: Every time San Francisco entered the red zone, Moss entered the game. He's a curiosity worth having for now.

» Greg Olsen, TE Carolina Panthers: If you need a tight end, Olsen will have a big role in the team's offense this season.

Unless you have an injury concern, don't go crazy trying to grab a quarterback like Sanchez or Blaine Gabbert just yet. Let them play Week 2 to see how "for real" they are. Sanchez plays in Pittsburgh and Gabbert gets the Texans this week. If they pass these big tests, then we can talk.

3) Injuries that are a big concern:

» Fred Jackson, RB, Buffalo Bills: He's out a month and it doesn't sound like he'll be back any time soon. Plus C.J. Spiller is more than capable of carrying the load in Buffalo. Look to start someone else.

» Jake Locker, QB, Tennessee Titans: He hurt his left shoulder trying to make a tackle on an interception. Regardless, his fantasy performance doesn't merit a Week 2 start. Don't play him.

» Nate Washington, WR, Tennessee Titans: He got banged up on the same play Locker was injured. Not only that, Kenny Britt is back this week. Washington should sit for you no matter what.

» Pierre Garcon, WR, Washington Redskins: He's Robert Griffin III's go-to guy. But he's slowed with a foot injury. If he plays for the Redskins, then he plays in your lineup.

» Rashad Jennings, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars: Not only did he get hurt, but now Maurice Jones-Drew appears ready to be the No. 1 RB in Jacksonville again. He has no value anymore.

So there you go, everything you need to know for Week 2. Make your moves and keep playing your best players -- for now.

Jason Smith hosts NFL Fantasy Live on the NFL Network and writes fantasy and other pith for Talk to him on Twitter @howaboutafresca, and listen to his Fantasy Podcast with Michael Fabiano and Elliot Harrison every week on He only asks you never bring up when the Jets play poorly.

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