NFL Fantasy football: Don't be afraid to drive up prices

Recently, our crew of fantasy football analysts conducted a mock fantasy football auction draft. The 15-man roster consisted of one QB, two RBs, two WRs, one TE, one WR/RB, one K, one DEF and six bench spots. It uses's standard scoring system.

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What was your auction strategy?

To be honest, I didn't really have a strategy. I had never participated in an auction draft and didn't know what to expect. Once we got started, it was easy to get a feel for things and enjoy the process of the auction draft. For example: engaging in a bidding war with other teams for players I didn't necessarily want. This can be risky as you don't want to end up with this guy on your bench, but it's a fun way to make other owners dig into their pockets and deplete their funds. In the auction draft, if you know one of the owners is a huge Cowboys fan, you know he's hungry to land Jason Witten as his TE -- drive up the price! Make him pay! Sucker. This method backfired when I ended up spending $6 on the SF defense (I don't think anyone paid over $3 for a D), but hey, the SF defense is pretty good, right? What's a couple extra bucks?

What was your favorite pick?

In all my years playing fantasy football I've always gone after WRs and RBs before waiting on the QB in the fifth round. As a result, I've always had a Ben Roethlisberger or Mark Sanchez as a QB. Not this time, baby. I went big and dropped some coin on Tom Brady. It's a quarterback-driven league and I was aiming for one of those top-tier QBs that deliver quality points on a weekly basis. It's OK that Tom can't win a Super Bowl against Eli's Giants -- just get me some regular season wins. (GO G-MEN!)

What pick do you regret the most?

I think I'm a little lackluster in the tight end department. Brent Celek and Dustin Keller are decent options but not top tier. On the positive side, I generally look for my WRs, RBs, and QBs to rack up the points.

Did your draft strategy work?

Since I didn't really have a strategy going in, I'd say I did a fairly good job, especially as a rookie to the auction draft process. I'd probably make a couple of adjustments for the next auction draft, and maybe even plant a few strategic distractions for the other owners. I've been known to play dirty.

What do you like/dislike about your team?

Overall, I've got a well-rounded roster. With the right matchups, each of these guys has potential to put up solid numbers -- even silly numbers in some cases. I also managed to allow just one NFC East player (Celek) onto my team who isn't a Giant, so as to avoid personal rooting conflicts during the season.

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